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  1. What kind of lackluster presentation of an "icon" was that? Where was the hits medley? No one curr for new JLo single. Bitch looked great though.
  2. Love the video and song. It sounds very familiar though... Can't quite put my finger on it... The wedding dress is pretty, except for the front. I don't like how you can see her legs. It's awkward. Can we talk about the album? I love it! "Cut Me Deep" is my jam, omg.
  3. Hol' it open, I'ma eat it lak a Pacman.
  4. I know. That's why I said "the cheques she's gotten up front for the flops..." I can't see her making more than 6 figures for a film, cuz everything she's been in has been pretty low key and floppish. Though that's more than enough to survive on with other stuff going on with her career.
  5. When was the last time Effie was in a hit movie? The cheques she's gotten up front for the flops she's been in have probably been more than her music career has given her though.
  6. Kim

    Sia - Chandelier

    http://youtu.be/EIZPk-yVzPs Why Sia Decided to Keep ‘Chandelier’ for Herself “My friend Jesse Shatkin and I were jamming in the studio – I was playing piano and him on the marimba – and this gem popped out,” says Sia. “He produced it up and then I plunked the lyrics on top, next, I usually think, ‘Oh this would work for Rihanna, or this would be a good one for B or Katy.’ But this time I was like, ‘Uh oh I think I just wrote a full blown pop song for myself by accident!’”
  7. Oh wow. I totally thought she was going to pull a Nelly Furtado and sell like 6,000 copies. Anything above 10,000 is definitely a win. Lol @ Pharrell, especially with his label thinking the Oscars would boost his sales.
  8. http://youtu.be/6PC3JS-1w-k "She doesn't understand, this is your life." "You need to cut the bullsh*t, you really do." Oprah is not having it with Lindsay. I'm gonna need Oprah to appear in every episode.
  9. Kim

    Let It Go!

    Much better than her Oscar performance.
  10. Kim

    Let It Go!

    omg I love it!
  11. @ John Travolta. But maybe it's better people don't know her real name, after that mess of a performance.
  12. ^ "Why you guys leavin?!" I find that Toni rarely has a bad performance, vocally.
  13. I refuse to believe that this Bill was for real. It's like a real life South Park episode.
  14. Kim

    She Has Had It!

    Does anyone else follow shehashadit on Instagram? http://instagram.com/shehashadit#
  15. Just watched Epic! Queen Tara! For some reason, I have a hard time picturing Beyonce reading a script...
  16. Gospel or not, Mariah couldn't outsang anyone with her head voice, chest voice, whistle register, or playback. Remember when Whitney destroyed her at the Oscars? http://youtu.be/vIo9OpKh7BY A mess. She did have a better showing on Oprah though: @ her Mariah giving it her all at 3:33, then her voice pretty much cracks and runs out of steam, while Whitnay keeps chugging along (even during her her crack days).
  17. So is it safe to say Mariah is done with trying to get that next Hot 100 #1? Because I don't see "You're a Flop (Eternal)" making it.
  18. I like the original. The intro sounds like Like You'll Never See Me Again. Sample? Could do without the remix, but it's ok.
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