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  1. Let's not forget.... https://uproxx.com/music/rihanna-billboard-greatest-of-all-time-hot-100-artists-chart/ 7th greatest of all time...
  2. Wow. So interesting to hear the stylist talk. I believe him. What I do wonder is why they didn't design a costume that would not show any skin. Quite a risk to take to trust some random camera/lights guy to stop the show at the right time. Anywaysss... I can't wait to hear what Janet has to say about it all if she's really gonna speak about it in in her doc in January!
  3. I watched some of his videos. While I do think he is an extremely good dancer, I personally don't like the style of his coreography. It's too stiff and they're using too much hands and the back is straight instead of moving the whole body. I also don't think this is the style Janet can do best. I understand she likes the attitude of the dance style but she's not that good at it. Sorry, but Tina and even Gil knew better.
  4. A Queen move. She gets to say it her way and put all the speculations to rest. I hope this will help to gain back some of the lost popularity (after the SB). I am also looking forward to the home-videos, family member interviews and see her visit the old house etc. Much to look forward to!
  5. I wanna believe she is finishing the album. But then it might have been a pic of the session for the Jimmy Jam album. I wish she would give us some more clues.
  6. Do you think the BD Era will ever be launched? Is she in the studio for her own album or just something else... I wanna know!
  7. Very cool... Those items are awesome. I love the details. It would be interesting to know what they all mean. Lucky you!
  8. In my country there's one very popular singer, a woman in her 50s. She just released her new album called "Taipumaton". In English it would mean "indeclinable" or "uncompromising" . Talk about influence...
  9. Is this the right way to get at it though? To destroy more people after someone was treated badly in the past. We know better now, so we should do better now. I honestly don't see what good this document could do. The truth is she is not without blame in the SB incident. They planned at least some of it together, but it failed. It was a huge misstep in her career. Everybody makes mistakes. But why should we relive it over and over again. She was treated unfairly after it but will this document change what has already happened? Can we blame it all on just a few persons? I believe it's more complicated than that.
  10. Why aren't they doing a documentary about Justin and his mistakes? Why is the emphasis on Janet? Poor Britney, poor Janet. It's just a continuation of victimizing women in the entertainment and seeing them as some kind of helpless creatures. Some people loved to see Britney fail and they loved to see Janet fail. Did anyone ask if they wanted such a documentary to be made of themselves? Janet is soon about to start a new era. Is this good publicity for it? Maybe if you think any publicity is good publicity. I would rather let her move on in peace without having to relive her mistakes over and over again. This documentary will change nothing.
  11. The thing is, we don't know the truth to everything that happened behind the scenes. Sometimes it's better to just move on. She will get her comeback/her legacy will live on regardless if some gossip documentary will be released or not. I don't think anyone with any real substance would be allowed to comment on it anyway.
  12. I'm afraid this document would sensationalize it all. It wouldn't change what has already happened. Those who know know anyway. I think she's in a totally different space. I don't think she would want revenge on anyone or anything.
  13. It will never happen if she has a say. It would do more harm than good. I don't think she would support this at all.
  14. I understand what you mean, but some items looked like leftovers from a move.
  15. The shoes were cute with beautiful details. It was an outfit you could wear for a walk at the beach.
  16. Some of the stuff is really cool, like her outfits for IF & other legendary/famous outfits for performances and events. There's also a lot of random things like road cases, lamps and kitchen supplies that you could find at your local Malibu fleamarket, and which maybe should be sold there instead of at Julien's.
  17. Okay guys... she's coming!! Are we ready?
  18. We will see... Some of her plans must have been renewed due to Covid. Anything is possible really!
  19. Something must be going on... Or there is some reason why she wants us to know this. We all know she doesn't allow anyone to comment on her personal matters unless there is a permission from her self.
  20. Maybe it has something to do with their divorce. Maybe she isn't allowed to release something that her ex had a big creative input on.
  21. I think the general public considers Control, RN, Janet and VR (maybe even AFY) to be groundbreakers... The others not so much (due to u know what and due to some of them being not that good)
  22. I made a post about this when I saw pics from that Rihanna Savage Fenty2 show. I think that kind of look was exactly what Janet was going for with BD... We'll see, when the project is finally revealed...
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