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  1. Chrissy isn't even on Love and Hip Hop anymore
  2. Like are we even surprised at this point at another Chris Brown freak out
  3. Wait I seriously think some of you don't know this isn't real
  4. That show is really good actually. I watched every episode last season and this season looks even better.
  5. Also Rihanna's part is rather minuscule..to act like she's the star of the movie and therefore takes on the brunt of its domestic failure is just plain stupid..
  6. The people I was with didn't want to see it So we saw The Dictator instead
  7. 2 Broke Girls is horrid. I liked the show for a few episodes but the constant elementary sex jokes and offensive stereotypes quickly soured me on it. GCB has been officially canceled. I'm glad Parks and Rec is coming back next year with a FULL season of 22 episodes! Mindy Kaling is leaving The Office and getting her own show on FOX!
  8. LMAO Slo so do you actually believe Shereé ISN'T broke?? She went from living in a mansion to living in an apartment, losing her TV and making her son sleep on an air mattress. And please don't talk about forum members wealth we don't need to be judged, we aren't displaying ourselves on a reality tv show like Shereé.
  9. Sheree was hilarious, but her storylines were always so obviously fake that she became boring.
  10. O please. Nene had nothing to do with it. She is unfazed by Shereé pathetic ass. The shows producers fired Shereé. Nene even tweeted and said she had nothing to do with it.
  11. Andy laid it out clearly for her on the reunion: Kim conned her out of A LOT of the DBTFTP money and didn't believe her during the black baby thing, and Sheree really sold her out but Kandi still seems to just..take it. Which is odd becsuse i dont get the vibe that she cant stick up for herself. To me it feels like she hasn't given them as much heat as she gives to Marlo and Nene. Hell, she even seemed angrier at Cynthia.
  12. Also: Kandi: I picked up the money you threw and gave it to the African children Marlo: yeah you gave it to the BOYS I love Marlo shade because she says it with a smile. Her shade is so lethal and delivered so calmly, so it's hilarious to watch the other girls get so hot and bothered at it.
  13. I could never be team kandi. She's a shit stirrer who refuses to own up to it and bows down to Kim and Shereé.
  14. Marlo isn't afraid to call out the Smalls and she's perfect for reality tv.
  15. But shouldn't she be mad at Kim and Shereé too? In fact the only reason Marlo went in on her is because she felt slighted by kandi. On the other hand, Kim and sheree have done her wrong for no possible reason at all.
  16. I'm over kandi. She is mad at the wrong people. She wants to go in on Marlo and Kendra but bows down to Kim and Shereé when they are the ones who have done her the most dirty.
  17. Can we just talk about how underrated this song is
  18. Bravo..their Housewives shows are a lot better and get higher ratings than Vh1's. Vh1 is a little more trashy.
  19. Who are yalls dream ATL housewives? I personally think they Should fire everyone except Nene and Phaedra. As replacements I'd like to see: Amber Rose Tameka Raymond (Usher's ex) And maybe Big Boy's wife..although she might be boring.
  20. Are they really adding 2-3 girls?? I hope that's true this show needs a revamping
  21. The reunion part 1 was the most watched reunion in Housewives history. It got 3.1 million viewers.
  22. It's the highest rated Real Housewives franchise and the highest rated show on Bravo..I doubt Shereé leaving will change that. She's no Nene.
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