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  1. I'd be down too...let's make it happen!
  2. Re-read through this thread...damn, the nostalgia and memories I have for this place came flooding through my brain.
  3. Excited to hear about the tour of course, and even MORE excited to hear about the new ALBUM! I'm also happy to see that she's showing off them titties a bit more than she has since Unbreakable, haha. You still look bomb, Janet...show off what your mama gave you!
  4. It was fun to read a thread from way back in 2011 I feel your pain, Roc... I'm now 31
  5. "Back To Life" by Zayn "Sour Diesel" by Zayn "Lucid Dreams" by Juice WRLD
  6. YES!!! I LOVE 'Girls Like You'...in fact, the whole "All I Want Is You" album is FIRE! One of my favorite R&B debuts of the last 20 years!
  7. "Too Much" by Zayn feat. Timbaland "Django Jane" by Janelle Monae "Everything" by Nas feat. Kanye West & The Dream
  8. I KNEW it! Randomly seeing someone I "know" out of nowhere on one of these compilation videos was so surreal, lol!
  9. I'm currently binging on ratchet YouTube cringe/freak out videos...and I happen to come across this compilation. Fast forward to the 10:45 mark. Is that Joe who's sneak filming this? I swear that's him...if not, he's got a döppleganger out there somewhere!
  10. I'm not a fan of the other guys in the group, but I would honestly say that they've broken that all too true "only one member per group can be famous" — aside from Zayn, the trio of Harry, Liam and Niall have all really done their thing solo so far. All have had at least one sizable hit on the Billboard Hot 100, and sell a lot a tickets as far as tour sales go. The other guy Louis, is a judge on the X Factor panel now . It's surprising that none of the four that have released albums have really flopped. Shows just how strong their fan base really was/is.
  11. Oops, I did kind of assume you liked 1D right there I'm actually in the same boat — was NOT a fan of the group, and I think I could maybe name 2 of their songs if I had a gun to my head, haha.
  12. I felt the same way when I heard about the announcement of the track listing. So much opportunity for wack, uninspired filler to flood the project. However, after listening to it for over a week now, I truly dig the majority of the songs, and I don't immediately think "filler" when listening through. Definitely give it another chance, a good thorough listen through and you might like at least a few more. If you like "Good Years", I think you'll like "There You Are" — both of those songs have that 1D kind of vibe. I agree wholeheartedly with EVERYTHING you just stated here. I think Zayn is the most talented of the 5 guys from 1D. And PROMOTION (or lack thereof) is ABSOLUTELY the major contributor to this album's lack of success. He doesn't tour solo, he's lazy. In a weird, twisted way — I actually admire his laziness and blazé, IDRGAF approach to succes. Only because it's the polar opposite of what a cookie-cutter 25 year old pop star in the industry would do. He a reluctant celebrity, reclusive in ways. And I find that refreshing. I just hate that a really quality project is going to go by the wasteside as a result. In a day and age where mainstream R&B/Urban pop doesn't really exist anymore due to the infiltration of Trap, Hip Hop, and Electronic/EDM — this guy really carved out a large amount of real good contributions to the genre.
  13. ...has flopped, BADLY. However, regardless of how terribly it's doing on the charts...I am extremely impressed. Zayn has been fairly consistent for me. I, hands down, LOVED his debut album "Mind Of Mine"...every single track on its original release. I still bump the album regularly. I feared that "Icarus Falls" was going to suffer the dreaded sophomore slump since I loved "M.O.M." so much, and was split on my feelings of the 6 singles released preceding the album. Despite my reservations, I still pre-ordered the album the first day the pre-order option was available. I am pleasantly surprised and impressed with the end product. Of the 27 songs on the LP, I enjoy 19 of them! In this day and age, I'm lucky to like half of the songs on an album. I'm an R&B head at heart, and this album is filled with dark, moody R&B and dark urban pop gems. The highlights for me are: "Common", "All That", "Imprint", "Natural", "Too Much (feat. Timbaland)", "Back To Life", "Tonight", "If I Got You", "There You Are", "Insomnia", "Fingers" & "Sour Diesel". I see that no one is talking about the album or him (probably because no one has bought the album ), so I figured I'd see if anyone else was diggin' this project.
  14. I can't wait for "Ain't Know" with Safaree and now that "Pyrex Princess" clip she teased on her instagram has me hype ... ??? I'm Jonesing for this record more than I had anticipated...haven't looked forward to an album release in quite some time. She's REALLY impressing me each time I hear something drop ("Chi Chi" is hands down one of the best rap singles of 2017)
  15. Favorite songs by this wack ass vocalist are: "Now & Later" "She Ain't You" "With You" "Birthday Cake Remix (with Rihanna)" "No Air (with Jordin Sparks)" "Nobody's Business (with Rihanna)"
  16. Probably me...I HATE that damn song.
  17. THIS SHIT IS HOT!!!!! I'm ALREADY loving it more than the original. LOVE the clear single voice on the verses, LOVE the new "daaaaamnnnn" on the chorus, and I'm LOVIN' the beat on the breakdown!!!!
  18. Rihanna MURDERED "Love On The Brain"...hands down THE best vocal of the night. She performs the hell out of that song EVERY TIME she sings it live. She, to me, has owned the first half of 2016.
  19. This year was fantastic...SO many 8's 9's and 10's given out! I screenshot my votes so I can remember when the placements are revealed. I LOVE playing this singles rate game.
  20. As much as I LOVE "Unbreakable" (it's one of my favorite tracks on the album, and one of Janet's best vocal deliveries of the past decade), I'm going to have to roll with "Damita Jo"...It's the perfect introduction to its parent album. The chorus is FIRE, the beat is an infectious head nodding banger, the concept -- a self description of herself and her alter egos -- is crazy unique, and the lyrics are sharp and self-assured, delivered with a subtle confidence and poise. That last line in the second verse just seals the deal for me: "...a little lady, a whole lot of class / but do me wrong, I'll get in dat ass"
  21. I'm 5'6 1/2" . . . What does that make me?
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