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KANDI COMES FOR BOW WOW & spills more on why a Xscape reunion isn't likely


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Kandi Burruss is firing back at Bow Wow over his claim that she's "whack" for not attending the upcoming SoSo Def 20th Anniversary concert.

In a radio interview, Kandi says she questions Bow Wow's motivation. "Why is he so focused on me? From what I understand...Tiny’s not going to be able to make it either. I feel like he’s just focusing on me and not saying anything about her because he’s afraid of getting the smack down from Tip."

Kandi adds that she would never disrespect SoSo Def founder Jermaine Dupri and will always be "indebted to him for what he’s done for my career, and I appreciate everything he’s done."

But Kandi does say that if she's being honest, her absence is more because she feels her fellow Xscape members "don't have love for me like that." According to Kandi, outside of Tiny, her relationship with the rest of the group is beyond repair, since she believes some members of the group have been spreading vicious rumors about her.

Most hurtful, she claims an unnamed group member was behind a rumor that she slept with Dupri's father back in the day. "To this day, people still believe that I had sex with Jermaine’s father. She purposedly wanted me to look bad… When people want to do things to bring you down to the public, that’s hateful and I don’t want to be around that."

Read more: http://www.liveintheden.com/pages/musicnews.html?feed=104655&article=10757264#ixzz2JscbJXlt

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