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Rare 1995 Janet documentary: "Ego's & Icon's"


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(Part 4 hasn't been uploaded yet)




BUT WOW, I loved it, every minute, I loved hearing from her mouth a few things I've read before (specifically about the janet. cover). And I LOVE that story behind New Agenda, and I always had a feeling most of those studio shots in 93 were for that song (tho Chuck in a few is a dead give away), and it was cool seeing her work on What'll I do a lil bit. I just LIVE for Janet rareness!!!



Don't you just LOVVE he personallity during the MTV awards interview.



Happy to keep hold of my crown as the finder of all things Rare Janet related.......and the search continues!

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I saw this on YouTube about a week ago and instantly added it to my favorites. I love seeing rare Janet stuff too. I always knew that she was insanely private so I get getty when I see something I've never seen before. These days Janet seems so untouchable so seeing this made my entire week.



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