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  1. Queen of the South is so damn good. I watched the first 3 seasons on Netflix. And now watching season 4 on USA. I always knew Tony was gonna die. But I was bombed when they blew him up in his new car. Sh*t was sad. Teresa said she gonna kill them all. She about to be ruthless asf! I can't wait.
  2. I guess I'm apart of that 22% because outside of my immediate family. I basically have no friends. My family are my friends. And I'm cool with that.
  3. I need to get into Pose. All I hear is how good it is.
  4. Very out of the box indeed! Them kids is off the chain. I wasn't doing 1/4 of the sh*t they are doing. I have to watch this show when everyone is asleep.
  5. I just discovered this show and I love it! Maddy and Kitty are my favorite characters. Nate has the most interesting storyline tho. I dislike him but feel sorry for him at the same time. His Daddy is good looking but also the reason why Nate is so fu*ked up. I'm mad the season is almost over. I need more!
  6. Yep! I saw it. And so many others. Janet looks great here. Her smile can light up the world. So beautiful.
  7. I think as Americans we have a warped view of the world. We have freedom of speech. Most other countries do not. Janet speaking out over there is dangerous.
  8. Her career suffered yes. But personally I think she loved him and he loved her. They might just be soulmates...
  9. Because he still loves her. And probably wants her back. DA brat has said that she wishes they were back together.
  10. This ain't it Janet! She is about to get some backlash over this.
  11. I like Stevanna. Beautiful as hell! Reminds me of Janet. But she is boring. If she blows up I can see those secret daughter rumors haunting her. Poor thing would have to address them immediately. Austin is decent. Nothing to write home about. I never had any interest what so ever in 3T. They to me are the prime example of riding off of the Jackson name. Dudes only had what one or two albums. And that's because Mike put them on. Let's see how Jaafar fairs.
  12. Eissa is a trust fund baby 2X over. That boy won't have to work a day in his life.... Must be nice.
  13. That Jackson name only gets you so far. With the J5, MJ, and Janet... Those are some pretty hard acts to follow. If I was a young artist I wouldn't want that pressure. It's why I respect Janet so much. People talk sh*t like she's only famous because of MJ. Yet forget to notice the fact that she is the only Jackson to achieve superstar apart from her brothers. And she did that why her brother was still a force.
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