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Mysterion's True Identity Is Revealed In An All-New "SOUTH PARK


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Ever since Mysterion first appeared on South Park last year, fans have speculated about the superhero's secret identity. Theories have ranged from Kenny to Mr. Hankey to Elton John to David Duchovny to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to Neil deGrasse Tyson to The Judds to Bruce Wayne to your mom to Ike Brovlovski. Well, if this preview from Wednesday's all-new episode is to be believed, the speculation is about to end, and we'll finally all know for sure if the man behind Mysterion's mask is Garrison Keillor or not.



i bet its clyde

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Well compared to the others that would make sense since Wendy and Cartman doesn't get along :lol: But we know it's Clyde...he was sleeping in class the day after Mysterion was out all night :whistle:

its gotta b him.

i was just REwatching the epp when wendy beat cartmans ass she told him she was gonna smack the shit outa him :lol:

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