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  1. Blackwings added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Hopefully given the name SOTW it's a more thematic show, and not just another stripped-down Greatest Hits concert.
    If that's the case, reports about her releasing new music (though I'm not sure about an album) would be great. And hopefully more promo than for "Unbreakable"
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  2. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    As I said, it's relative -- on avg: 10 tweets/month at minimum. During eras there's heightened activity, then the average dipped below 10 tweets/month in Summer 2012 (Grannygate?) in 2013 and 2014 there was a huge dip, heightening upon May '15 (Unbreakable Era announcement) and tapering off to nada shortly after the era was paused. Janet became less active upon 2012, etc. with far longer periods of inactivity between tweets even compared to previous years in-between/preceeding eras.  Don't know why that's a point of contention. This is a silly back and forth, no?  Reminds me of the phrase, "There are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics."
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  3. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Your profile pic is fitting.
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  4. Blackwings added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Nothing wrong with Vegas, but seems she's not headed that way.
    If Celine's a has-been with all her success, so is Janet.
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  5. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Check it out. Granted, it's all relative -- Big dip in 13-15, big spike for duration of Unbreakable era, and a huge dip.. Don't know why you feel so differently.
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  6. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    It was not "nearly nonexistent" before Unbreakable.. Prior to '13, she was more regularly tweeting to #janfam, after which it became even more inactive, with long stretches (many months even) in between tweets, moreso lately. Obviously the Unbreakable era saw her dial up the tweets/instagram,etc for promo -- Anyway, I don't see the point of arguing this, which is besides the point.
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  7. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    She tweeted more regularly in the past
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  8. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Agree, though for Janet, her "openness" is graded on a scale, obviously. I remember her being more active on social media, for example, before marrying Wissam.
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  9. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    People online already commenting about the baby's "light skin", just shows a lot of folks are deeply cynical with Janet, even in a moment of such joy.
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  10. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    It's been said before, but if this is Janet without Wissam, I won't miss him.
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  11. Blackwings added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    She's bestowing upon us a mere glimpse of our future ruler... We are not worthy.
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  12. Blackwings added a post in a topic New pics of Janet out with the baby in a stroller!   

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  13. Blackwings added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    Damn. I hope it wasn't anything too serious -- but thinking it HAS to be. Sad and strange...
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  14. Blackwings added a post in a topic JANET WELCOMES SON NAMED EISSA!!!!   

    Some good news at last... Congrats to the family.
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  15. Blackwings added a post in a topic [NEW PHOTOS] Paparazzi / London   

    Stubborn ass baby's keeping us all waiting. A diva like it's mother..
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