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  1. katara

    Janet on vinyl

    I have Rhythm Nation now as well. Still hunting for Control though.
  2. katara

    Janet on vinyl

    Okay, thank you so much for your response!
  3. RN tour by far. Her silhouette > That's her best tour imo. The costuming, staging,and, themes, all hold up well even today. Timeless era.
  4. katara

    Janet on vinyl

    Does anyone here have her classic albums on vinyl??? I've been looking into purchasing Control and RN1814 but I can't find any sellers that are in good quality
  5. DEFINITELY tuning in for this one. As aspiring makeup artist and Janet lover.
  6. katara

    ? Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! ?

    This would be a dream come true. RN tour is one of my favorite OAT
  7. katara

    Janet's Best Dance Breaks

    Miss You Much > careers
  8. katara

    If you were Janet for a day....

    smh spike s.m.h.
  9. katara

    10 times Michael Jackson was inspired by Janet

    A couple of these are a stretch but nice article over all.
  10. katara

    If you were Janet for a day....

    Really? What did he say?
  11. katara

    If you were Janet for a day....

    Complete the unbreakable concert tour. Release the Rhythm Nation and janet. world tours. Control, Rhythm Nation, janet. and the velvet rope remasters and ask Spike Lee to direct a docu series on said albums.
  12. and is it possible to revive it?
  13. katara

    Janet Jackson: The First Millennial

    YES YES YES!!!!! Beyond millennials, Janet has generation z appeal. Especially during her John McClain/A&M years with Control & RN1814. Her brand during that time has aged the best of ALL of her contemporaries. The only thing that stops her from crossing over is a HUGE lack of material. I'm glad there's a thread on this because it sucks to see two of the best era's in pop history paid complete dust. :l