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  1. Every time I think about this, I just get sad. Janet has been dropping the ball since around 2002. Not touring worldwide for AFY because of 9/11 was the wrong choice. Not touring anywhere for the Damita Jo album was also a bad choice. That album should have gotten an international tour. She still doesn't have all her music videos uploaded onto YouTube in good quality. That should be an easy thing for her to get done. I'm a younger fan; I've been Janet's billboard for most of my life. Growing up, I was always the one telling friends about Janet and educating them on her talent. People who are young have little familiarity with her because she doesn't interact. While I enjoy Janet's aloof persona, it does not excuse Janet's shortcomings. She hasn't done a proper world tour since the Velvet Rope Tour over 20 years ago. That's not the 20+ Y.O. that we want to celebrate...
  2. I wonder how long these videos will stay up. About 2-3 years ago, there was a YouTube channel called JanetVIDEOS that had all of her videos in good quality, amassed a nice amount of views, and ended up being deleted from the site.
  3. I saw a headline that said that some aren't expecting concerts to return until 2021.
  4. Preston's makeup is not good. I don't think he's a real professional TBH.
  5. I also disliked that Rhythm Nation was given a burlesque theme with the costumes here. I agree that it detracts from message of the song, and the overall halftime message concerning the importance of voting and making your voice heard. Gil's choreography really sucks a lot of the time, but I did kinda like the breakdown she did for Rhythm Nation here, even though it was unnecessarily sexualized.
  6. I think I remember seeing Scottish footage a while back on YouTube. Janet was wearing the red jacket with her bangs dyed red (I didn't care for that look); her ponytail was straight, not curly like in NYC and Cape Town.
  7. The footage here is the clearest I've seen of the tour. I think it's in even better quality than the NYC date on YouTube. I've noticed that the guitar riffs during the "If" breakdown sound different on each of the nights I've watched (NYC, Glasgow, Belgium, and now Cape Town). The sound quality here was great; I wish we had more footage.
  8. The RWU Tour should have been Gil's exit statement. She could really use someone new.
  9. I'd rather her do an album that contains more jazz, and even classical, elements.
  10. She finally changed the hair colour. I was so sick and tired of the brown wigs and ponytails she had been using since 2015. We needed something new.
  11. From what we saw of them, I think the Damita Jo era dancers looked good. The All Nite performances were well done by them.
  12. I agree with the bolded part. She does a lot of gestures for a lot of her performances that I just don't care for. I like seeing footwork most of all.
  13. We all know Janet can perform, but visuals can add to the overall excitement level and can help with the theming of a show. Since Janet's shows have become scaled back, it feels like she's just going through the songs with her dancers. With these series of concerts being branded as a 30th anniversary for Rhythm Nation, you'd think that she could create a show based around the album's themes of injustice by IDK... performing the entire album in full and doing other songs that could relate to RN's themes like "Shoulda Known Betta," "Black Eagle," "New Agenda," and "Free Xone". Instead, she did a show with no real overarching theme in street clothing. We all love Janet, but it's just not a good look.
  14. I really hope she steps it up with the other dates. I can't believe she decided to celebrate one of her landmark albums in a rushed show, where she performed wearing sweats for most of the show.
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