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  1. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I think Janet can do Japan with little worries. She has neglected that territory but she didn't cancel on them like she did Europe for the Unbreakable Tour. Didn't her Japan dates in 2015 do reasonably well?
  2. VelvetKnowledge1814

    ‘Unbreakable’ Turns 3 Years Old Today

    Dammn Baby's choreography was terrible IMO. The video was so underwhelming that I started to dislike the song after having seen it. I don't think that's ever happened to me before.
  3. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Sneak down the stairs...

    I actually really enjoy Daybreak to this day. I think it and Take Care are my favourites off 20YO. I feel like it could have been Escapade's younger (less successful) sibling if it were released as a single.
  4. VelvetKnowledge1814

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    I don't understand the hype behind Would You Mind. Other than its instrumental, it is such a cringe worthy track along with its performance. It doesn't compare to Janet's other sexual/sensual tracks like Rope Burn, ATAP, Anything, SIT, or FHTF. The lyrics are extremely vulgar and I think that actually makes the song quite boring. It's much better when Janet sets up a scene with her sensual tracks. "I never even got to cum... did you?" is nowhere near as sexy to me as the ending of FHTF with Janet not knowing where the time went and telling someone to stop in between instrumental pauses. Leaving things to the imagination can be so much sexier tbh. Is being paired up with The Weeknd a good thing? ?
  5. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Janet Named the 2018 MTV EMA Global Icon!!

    I think that Janet might be "local" everywhere. It would explain why everyone has her name in their mouths. I love that her global influence is being confirmed with this reward.
  6. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    This would apply to me also.
  7. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Where Are These Pics From?!

    She looks great in these photos. I'd kinda like this makeup style back as opposed to what Preston does.
  8. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio

    "No Sleeep" and "When I Think of You"
  9. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Made For Now Music Video

    The video and song are cute. I kinda wish the dance break lasted for longer though. I'm excited for the Fallon performance tonight... This could be great if she plays her cards right.
  10. I'd love for her to do "Anything", "Every Time" and a "Free Xone" breakdown. I was really hoping Free Xone would be added since she used it in one of the SOTW1 promos
  11. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Your Janet Top 10!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Obscure Janet songs....

    I really like the "Ask For More" Pepsi single. Some of the songs left on the Damita Jo cutting room floor like "What Can I Say" are cute.
  13. VelvetKnowledge1814

    The Official #EssenceFest Thread

    She looked really good. I'm happy she gave us some more deep cuts.
  14. VelvetKnowledge1814

    RadarOnline...Paris vs. Janet over Funeral costs

    !!! As if Janet didn't rush off to Brazil to check up on Joe after his heart attack in 2015. They just say anything.
  15. VelvetKnowledge1814

    “Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps” coming to Bluray

    I can just imagine how great the quality of the DRM video will be. She needs to upload all those videos of hers in good quality (preferably not banned in major territories-- if she can control for that) on YouTube.