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  1. I'd rather her do an album that contains more jazz, and even classical, elements.
  2. She finally changed the hair colour. I was so sick and tired of the brown wigs and ponytails she had been using since 2015. We needed something new.
  3. I don't own all of her albums!
  4. From what we saw of them, I think the Damita Jo era dancers looked good. The All Nite performances were well done by them.
  5. I agree with the bolded part. She does a lot of gestures for a lot of her performances that I just don't care for. I like seeing footwork most of all.
  6. We all know Janet can perform, but visuals can add to the overall excitement level and can help with the theming of a show. Since Janet's shows have become scaled back, it feels like she's just going through the songs with her dancers. With these series of concerts being branded as a 30th anniversary for Rhythm Nation, you'd think that she could create a show based around the album's themes of injustice by IDK... performing the entire album in full and doing other songs that could relate to RN's themes like "Shoulda Known Betta," "Black Eagle," "New Agenda," and "Free Xone". Instead, she did a show with no real overarching theme in street clothing. We all love Janet, but it's just not a good look.
  7. I really hope she steps it up with the other dates. I can't believe she decided to celebrate one of her landmark albums in a rushed show, where she performed wearing sweats for most of the show.
  8. I know this is late, but I'm looking at this post again and the boy on the left looks a lot like Joe's mother, Crystal Lee.
  9. There were those rumours of Princeton Perez of Mindless Behaviour being gay or bisexual. He had that drama with Jay Versace a while back.
  10. I've taken a few sips of alcohol but that's it. 😶
  11. If she were to include the song on her album then I think its sales could be added to the album. If you're into sales that could be a plus. As for whether I think she should include the song depends upon the theme of the album. If the song works then add it to the album; if not, leave it off.
  12. I've never heard of anything from this rapper. I hope that whatever this ends up being, it'll sound good. I know we're so far off from an album, but do you guys see JJ/TL producing a track like this or would she seek different producers like she did with "Made for Now"?
  13. I can view the "If" video in Canada. Is it blocked for anyone in another territory?
  14. Here she is doing Vogue. This was nice. The typewriter effect was a really nice touch. I'm happy she did the original track and not a remix or shortened version. Thoughts?
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