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  1. If she were to include the song on her album then I think its sales could be added to the album. If you're into sales that could be a plus. As for whether I think she should include the song depends upon the theme of the album. If the song works then add it to the album; if not, leave it off.
  2. I've never heard of anything from this rapper. I hope that whatever this ends up being, it'll sound good. I know we're so far off from an album, but do you guys see JJ/TL producing a track like this or would she seek different producers like she did with "Made for Now"?
  3. I can view the "If" video in Canada. Is it blocked for anyone in another territory?
  4. Here she is doing Vogue. This was nice. The typewriter effect was a really nice touch. I'm happy she did the original track and not a remix or shortened version. Thoughts?
  5. Here she is doing God Control live. The performance seemed solid to me. I was looking at these performances to see if we could guess at what the Madame X tour will look like...
  6. The God Control video is great. Her best one of the era so far.
  7. It's too bad 3T couldn't have longer careers. Taj did an interview and said that their mother's murder set them back a bit and they didn't receive a lot of backing from their label, partly because the label had issues with MJ, or something like that.
  8. Agreed. Unfortunately she has a vandal for a makeup artist who makes her look off when outdoors a lot of the time.
  9. I heard Jaafar's new song a few days ago and felt it was solid, especially for a first single and video. It sounded on par with other popular songs so I guess I'm rooting for him to some extent. I don't know what to make of the clip of Stevanna's song (she goes by Billie Bodega, I think), but maybe I'll listen to it in full at some point. And damn, it looks like she's going straight to the point with her sexuality, which is fine. We won't have to wait a while with her. Maybe she has a Strawberry living inside her (LOL). I am interested in seeing if any of these Jackson kids will carry the torch, so to speak. 3T was decent in the 90s but they had record label and family issues which got in the way of their career. I know that Austin is talented and has something out, but I've only listened to one of his tracks. I usually see him doing something behind the scenes (he was with JD one time), he went on a short tour with Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson earlier this year and he attends Kanye's Sunday sermon thingy... I wish them all well TBH.
  10. I saw someone on Twitter claim that Quincy Jones introduced her. Is this true at all?
  11. Whoops Now and What'll I Do are both blocked on my end in Canada. Hopefully it all gets fixed soon.
  12. He didn't do a good job as Janet. Definitely not close to Gordon-Levitt's Rhythm Nation. I wonder how Pooch got on the show as I haven't heard of him doing anything big since The Game. Maybe he has a new show coming out.
  13. It's going to be #1 according to the predictions.
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