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  1. I'd love for her to do "Anything", "Every Time" and a "Free Xone" breakdown. I was really hoping Free Xone would be added since she used it in one of the SOTW1 promos
  2. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Your Janet Top 10!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Obscure Janet songs....

    I really like the "Ask For More" Pepsi single. Some of the songs left on the Damita Jo cutting room floor like "What Can I Say" are cute.
  4. VelvetKnowledge1814

    The Official #EssenceFest Thread

    She looked really good. I'm happy she gave us some more deep cuts.
  5. VelvetKnowledge1814

    RadarOnline...Paris vs. Janet over Funeral costs

    !!! As if Janet didn't rush off to Brazil to check up on Joe after his heart attack in 2015. They just say anything.
  6. VelvetKnowledge1814

    “Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps” coming to Bluray

    I can just imagine how great the quality of the DRM video will be. She needs to upload all those videos of hers in good quality (preferably not banned in major territories-- if she can control for that) on YouTube.
  7. VelvetKnowledge1814

    "Made For Now" Single Dropping Soon

    Wasn't Pharrell going to be on the 20 YO album until JD or someone else scrapped his stuff and went in another direction? Pharrell and Janet should have done something ages ago (2000-08), but he's still popular and makes bops so I wouldn't be opposed to a track now. I think the main problem with Damita Jo, 20 YO and Discipline has less to do with the fact that she was working with different people, and more to do with her lack of input, inspiration and the amount of different people she worked with at once. If Janet decided to have JJ/TL, Babyface and, say, Pharrell produce Damita Jo, and she had something more interesting to talk about, I think we would have still gotten great stuff on par with her classics. I think a smaller team works well with Janet's artistic process. Well, J. Lo did a song with Cardi and performed it at the BB awards in May. I haven't heard it since and I don't think it's made a dent on the charts.
  8. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Janet’s Dad in poor health

    I hope Janet got to say her final goodbyes. I've seen a lot of negative comments coming from Twitter and it's just unnecessary (especially when some are repeating false claims made by La Toya in the 90s). RIP. My sympathies extend to the family.
  9. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Janet’s Dad in poor health

    I know everyone has a time to go, but this is quite sad. I hope Janet gets the time to say all her goodbyes.
  10. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Do we consider this a new ‘era’ for Janet?

    What a nice coincidence.
  11. I really hope that the Mickey Mouse in Rhythm Nation statue is reinstated sometime after this.
  12. I did not expect to like Camp Kuchi Kaiai the way that I did. Those high notes were not it though...
  13. Let's hope this isn't the case. Britney isn't more popular than Bruno now, and she's already worked with Madonna. That should disqualify her (if this source is legit).
  14. I liked that she placed When We Ooo in Nasty for the fans at home. I'm angry that the camera moved away from Janet during the "If" breakdown, which was the most intense part of the performance's choreography. The "Throb" breakdown needed work as I didn't care for the air drumming. I really wish she gave us a 10 minute performance. It all went by so fast. She got the biggest honour, but had one of the shortest performances. Why did Christina and Demi's performance feel longer? Billboard should have given her more time tbh.
  15. VelvetKnowledge1814

    Janet shares new picture on 52nd Birthday