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  1. I believe Janet is only having a child, because her husband wants one. She finally has a partner that is stable and a good fit to have a child with. Imagine with she had Rene's child? Imagine if she became one of Jermaine's baby mamas? Not cute huh? I'm glad that Janet has found a partner that she wants to have a child with. She was telling the truth to the French fans. You know how? Because we have to remember that from UCAP to that point, she had been recording with various producers and song writers. But guess what? She shelved all of those projects, and the album that she was working on did not make the cut, but ended up in the vault with her back catalog. Then she afterwards recorded the album that actually saw the light of day.
  2. This is completely true! I remember reading somewhere that the music industry starting in the 80s did not see it for the new divas in the pop genre. They saw them as gimmicks with no substance. This carried on into the 90s. By the time the industry actually started to care, they were well past their prime, and the new lessor contemporaries were buying them up (thanks Beyonce for that precedent). BUT! We also have to realize that there was an extreme amount of talent in the music industry that the pop divas were up against, male and female. If you take that into account, it will explain why some of Janet and the other pop divas were "over looked" in certain categories. Control and RN were groundbreaking in sound, visuals, message, and both were a feminist stance, so they both should have both won AOTY. Janet., TVR, A4U, and Unbreakable should have been nominated. Yes I said A4U, because it was the return of pop Janet, and the industry didn't have any good rivals at the time. She was nominated for best vocal pop album though for A4U.
  3. Looks MILES better than Batman vs Superman.
  4. DVR is calculated into viewers though...interesting...so is streaming...or are you taking about pirate online?
  5. I think she's voluntarily leaving the show.
  6. For my life, it's quite the opposite. ????
  7. It's only the one line. The rest of the article is all about Janhova.
  8. "In 1990, Virgin Records began talks to sign Janet Jackson – the world’s top female singer. The odds weren’t looking good that we would be able to pull it off. So I decided to go out on a limb and take Janet up above the clouds in a hot air balloon ride. 'Duck!' I shouted as I fired the gas – I was worried Janet’s hair would catch fire. We floated through the autumn sunshine above Oxford, and Janet and her husband René admired the view. They looked a picture in an old fur coat and an ancient flying jacket we found in the cloakroom, as they hadn’t brought warm clothes. As we drifted closer to the ground, Janet leaned out and shouted 'hello down there!' to some highly surprised undergraduates on their bikes, who stopped, gawped and waved. The only time talk of record contracts came up was when I joked that I might have to use her as ballast if she didn’t agree to sign with us. After we touched down in Christchurch Meadows, we all went back to my house for Joan’s homemade roast chicken and a great game of Trivial Pursuit (the business idea that got away). It was such a lovely evening, and by the time we went to bed I was sure she would sign. Although Janet intimated that she would like to sign with Virgin, we still had to bid for the contract and match the highest offer. It was going to cost far more money than we had at our immediate disposal, but I instinctively knew that it was worth it. Signing Janet would confirm Virgin Records’ position as the world’s sexiest record company. I was damned if I was going to let the caution of our bankers stop us. We decided to offer Janet the largest amount of money ever offered to any signer. On top of this, we decided to break all the rules of the record industry: rather than tying her down for a number of future albums, Virgin would offer her a contact for just one album. We wanted to blow away the competition, and felt confident that once Janet started working with Virgin she wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. We offered her $15 million, however the auction soon jumped to $25 million. It was millions more than any record company had ever paid for a single album. We pointed out to the banks that Janet was the world’s most popular female singer and she had had more top-five singles from her latest album, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814, than any other singer, including her brother Michael. Good to her word, when the bidding levelled out, Janet choose Virgin. Feeling exhilarated I left the team to finalise negotiations, and went on a skiing holiday with my family to Switzerland. While we were at the hotel I received a call from Virgin Records’ finance director, Trevor Abbott, 'Bad news, I’m afraid. We can’t get the money together to sign Janet Jackson. As you know, we’re due to sign today, but Nova Scotia has pulled out. We need $11 million by the close of business in LA. Ken (Berry, who ran our American record label) thinks we’d better tell her that we can’t raise it and call it a day.' I had no intention of delaying. It would allow our rival bidders the opportunity to steal her. I wondered what assets we could juggle to raise the moment. Could we sell Necker Island or my home in London? Delay paying our royalty cheques? Sub-license some of our artists? It soon became very clear that nothing could be turned around that quickly. Our only option was to go above the head of our London bank, straight to management in Toronto – so Trevor booked a flight leaving Heathrow at 1pm, and I spent the next eight hours trying (to no avail) to raise the much-needed funds. Trevor arrived at the bank minutes before close of business, at the same time Ken started his final meeting with Janet’s lawyers in Beverly Hills. Around 3am in Switzerland I received a call from Trevor and the bank’s vice chairman, Bruce Birmingham. I blindly promised that Virgin would sell as many copies of Janet’s next album, as her brother had sold of Thriller. Bruce was reluctant to overrule London, so Trevor boldly explained, 'It’s a matter of trust. Virgin has never let you down on any of our loan repayments. This will be no different.' After a long pause Bruce said 'I’ll guess they’ll be mad at me in London, but what the hell. Janet Jackson is a terrific lady. Let’s go ahead with the deal. But I wouldn’t do it for Madonna.' At 5pm in LA a banker’s draft for $11 million was delivered to Ken, who passed it over to Janet’s lawyers. Blithely unaware that there had been any kind of problem, they held up the draft and exclaimed, “We should have asked for this earlier. We can’t cash it until Monday!' So that’s the story of how Virgin Records came to sign Janet Jackson. It was one of the most nerve-wrecking but worthwhile experiences of my life. She remained signed to Virgin for 17 years – a period in which she released five top selling albums, including ‘Janet’, which sold more than 20 million copies worldwide." Source: https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/signing-janet-jackson
  9. In the song she clearly states that she's only there for only hooking up - friends with benefits - not a real relationship.
  10. Why the Gwen vs Fergie comparisons? I still LOVE Gwen's first album, and still think her second album is a hot mess. Her label is to blame for her second album. She was only suppose to make one albums as a solo artists, but her album was to big to ignore. Fergie's first album was okay, but she knows that she's not a solo artist.
  11. There were tweets posted in the Pop Culture Thread, so it seemed appropriate since this was a tweet.
  12. I'm not from the Bay. I did live in Berkeley for a summer in '06. I'm from the greater LA area. Been here practically my entire life.
  13. What part of Cali did you visit? It's rare that I come across people who hate Cali.
  14. I just finished college. It took me 12 years, yes I said 12 years to get my BA. I am proud of myself! My tech friend has advised me to learn statistical application to partner with my degree in finance, and I will most likely get a job in Silicon Valley making beaucoup bucks. I'm currently looking for a full time job that is not stressful and can pay the bills until I can learn statistical application. I am also going to learn how to code. Making that money will allow me to pay off my student loans and also pay for a MSF. Working in Silicon Valley for a start up means that I can work remotely when it comes time for me to start my MSF program. I need to also study for the GMAT so I can get into a grad program for Fall 2017. I need to pick a MSF program that will train me to take the CFA exams. Once I get my MSF and CFA certificates, I will pretty much be employable for LIFE!! Especially since I will know coding and statistical application fluently by then. (Is this all set and ready to go, NOPE. But I am working on making it happen. I know that it will be difficult to do everything I need to get done, but I am up for the challenge) It has taken me a long to time get my life on track and in the place I need it to be, but I have learned valuable lessons regarding people throughout the that time. I have never dated, but I am open to such things. However, I will not sacrifice my career goals for a person. If I was in a relationship with a person and that person was offered a really awesome promotion or new job, I would tell that person to go for it, and if we are meant to be we will be together. But REACH FOR YOUR GOALS!! But I just need to find a full time job first in order to make all of this happen!! UGH why is looking for a job SO HARD?!!!
  15. I always tell people "You're Welcome!" even if they don't say anything. After I say that, they immediately follow up with "Thank you!" It's a way to force them to acknowledge what you have done for them. 1. People misspelling my first name 2. People not using turn signals 3. People talking about my weight 4. Fake bi***es who say, "AWWW I miss you so much!", but won't respond when you give them your number 5. People who use the word "friend" loosely - learn the word ACQUAINTANCE!! 6. Trump supporters 7. My family.
  16. I agree that there were avenues she could have utilized without making public appearances or spending money. Her core fans can only get her so far.
  17. In regards to FB, it was suppose to be more conceptual and less dancing. I know dancing is what we expect from her, but she wanted to switch it up, and be ahead of the curve. FB was ahead of the curve, because videos became more conceptual after the FB video came out.
  18. I wish Janet would work with Saam again. His videos with his hero were priceless pieces of art!!
  19. I mean let's be honest for a moment, the public doesn't even know she has an album out let alone just shot a video. The only anticipation is coming from her fan base that cares. She just MIGHT release the video to be used to drum up press as she re-starts her tour and reschedules Europe.
  20. Personally I've been with you guys since 20 Y.O. or when "Weekend" was released. When the old board shutdown and this one was created, I decided to explore this "Xone" this board kept talking about. I'm not going to lie or hold back, but no tea no shade, once Angie created Planet Janet, it got really boring in here and Janet Xone was more popping. So I stayed there. I've always been a fly on the wall on both boards, barely posting, but I read most posts. ?
  21. My creep-o-meter wouldn't let lol. I had met Sia's manager at the LA show, and that was through Twitter.
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