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    Yep, I knew it was suicide. Rip.
  2. Goodness I remember him from 12 years ago. Ya'll old. Couldn't help but notice the amount of members who have passed in the last couple of years.
  3. She, Jimmy, and Terry all get paid from it. There's more so it, but presumably, yes.
  4. Vocal could've been stronger, but yes the second best unreleased track from the DJ sessions.
  5. Alanis Morissette on Janet “I have been obsessed with Janet Jackson for as long as I can remember,” she shared. “I remember having gone to see her perform when I was 15 in Toronto, and there was something about having watched her perform that day that just kind of put a spell on me, and I think I was with my manager at the time.” “I remember turning to him and saying… basically said something along the lines of, ‘I now am very clear about what I want to do with my life,'” she concluded. https://etcanada.com/news/683968/alanis-morissette-talks-musical-inspirations-and-the-first-s
  6. Everything included, I think j. was bigger on a global scale. But stateside, an argument could be made.
  7. Whitney doing "Control" is always a good one. And the sax cover LWA by Alexander Ethan is really good. https://music.apple.com/pa/album/smooth-sax-tribute-to-janet-jackson/211726127?l=en
  8. That's one thing I can say about the debut. The "ehh" songs aren't bad, they're just not as good as the others. And for that reason, I hold that 20YO isn't too much better than the debut.
  9. Opposite. LAMBF and FY are snoozefests. Those two and CGYLTM are the only ehh tracks. Everything else is pretty good for what the songs are.
  10. It's the default greatest for casual fans. But real ones know it's the one with the most hits.
  11. Well, Slant didn't rank them. They did something, but it wasn't ranking them.
  12. I was hoping this was track by track thing. Totally disappointed.
  13. This list will change again a in a few years. So I'm not bothered. I knew Control was gonna be added, but TVR and RN1814 should be in the top half. The top 200 is outright laughable. Imagine thinking some of those artists have better albums than Stevie's classical period.
  14. And that's exactly why I said ya'll did way too damn much. Which is right on brand for you anyway.
  15. A lot of ya'll did far more than what was necessary.
  16. Her social media posts, namely Twitter and IG, are just embarrassing. I've had to mute her on Twitter because her posts are just annoying at this point, and whoever is running her account is not doing her any favors. It's been ten years and she still hasn't properly adapted to social media, and will continue to get left in the dust if she doesn't. With new music coming out, now would be the time to be promoting herself, but the team would rather give 15 mins of fame to random ppl. She's really useless on social media. Like why are you here if you're gonna be boring?
  17. With So Many Hot 100 Records Falling, Here Are 14 That Have Continued to Hold Strong Most consecutive Hot 100 entries hitting the top 10: Janet Jackson (18, record set in 1998) After "The Pleasure Principle," her sixth and final charting single off breakout album Control, peaked at No. 14 on the Hot 100, Janet Jackson went on an absurd run of her next 18 Hot 100 entries (from Rhythm Nation leader "Miss You Much" in 1989 to The Velvet Rope's "I Get Lonely" in 1998) all hitting the top 10. That passed Madonna's record of 17 straight top 10 hits from 1984 to 1989, and was snapped only by
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