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  1. Anybody read this article? https://www.elle.com/beauty/amp35327878/janet-jacksons-the-velvet-rope-helped-me-define-beauty-on-my-own-terms/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. It's been like 15 years. Can you stop with the cliffhanger thread titles?
  3. This announcement could've waited until like September. Now we on pins and needles for damn near a year.
  4. Happy Birthday, I guess.
  5. Can't take the apology seriously either. It's just way too late. The damage is done. There's no repairing what was done. I'm sure neither Janet nor Britney care about it for these exact reasons.
  6. And the person I'm talking to with this post is @JoeJoe, just in case you try to get on here and act dumb.
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