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  1. You buying dinner for everybody too?
  2. Dinah, the one in the group with actual vocal talent.
  3. That would be Dinah. She always had the most potential imo. Normani is not going to happen.
  4. That carpool is more than just singing. You need the personality that's necessary for a segment like that. Janet's confidence would need to be sky high. And she would need to be able to project, which she didn't do much on Fallon. And if you watch the first two tours, she sang live a lot. But after that......
  5. I thought about this after watching Fallon. It really would be nice to see her in carpool. But her lack of confidence in her singing voice will keep her away from it.
  6. Thank you Tovah. And I can't help but to agree. Hopefully someone who can do makeup will do it for the shoots. But let's not get our hopes up.
  7. Oh wow! I can't wait! There's gonna be new routines, big production, and a huge creative vision well executed! We should discuss our hopes and expectations because what would possibly go wrong?
  8. For places she hasn't been in a while, which is basically everywhere except the US (), it needs to be just a boring hits show with good production. Save the good stuff after she's rebuilt her fan base intentionally. And if there is a tour coming, she needs to stay OUT of the US.
  9. She really needs to lay off touring if we're being honest. Her last couple of sets have been rather uninspiring. No point in doing shows if she's not going to give us something fresh. Preston:
  10. Hopefully. Even if it's just a new song. But knowing Janet, it'll likely be at the festival.
  11. Probably. She said new music was coming.
  12. She really needs to lay off the touring for a while.
  13. It's on their official page now. http://www.mtv.com.au/2018-mtv-ema/videos/janet-jackson-performs-at-the-2018-mtv-ema
  14. This is just unacceptable.
  15. These are really nice, esp the first.
  16. Lil Kim during a Complex interview this year. Starts at 4:14.
  17. These vocalists sound weird af singing Janet. It's like they over sing.
  18. That's Anna Wintor in that pic right?
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