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  1. lol hate on negative Nancy's ...yall didn't think they could do it at all lol
  2. They have reached their goal in 3 days and if yall read why they are doing the kickstarter you would have a better understanding as to why
  3. Happy birthday buddy...you are someone I can truly call a friend/big brother. I love you my fellow Sag. Enjoy your day
  4. . Whether she named them or not that's what she call them and it's rude...but if wanna be a little lamb by all means carry on follow your leader
  5. His name is Alvester, he's from Miami...he's Tamar's background dancer
  6. First of all I think it's very disrepectful to name your fans...that's just my opinion. especially something like lambs! Im a fan of yours thats it...not a pet. But anyway if there were to be a name for janet fans the obvious one would be that we are the Nation or Janet Nation whatever..."We are apart of the Janet Nation"
  7. paula never had Britney's fan base...you tried it. Only reason half of the people know Paula is because of idol...I mean I followed her music but let's be real. She's unknown for it
  8. It's on E! Now...so proud of him, going to see him in Vegas
  9. ill write it, I won't read it...that's how it goes
  10. i didn't go hard...that's how you received it. You're just so ready to be defensive for no reason...because game highlighted it as shade so you felt the need to retaliate
  11. SloLove

    Side Hustle

    My side hustle is actually a part time job working at port Everglades...just the weekends and it's optional. It's a union. I make $500 just on Saturday and Sunday
  12. yeah, she is...but that's my princess lol
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