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  1. I'm bring Diddy and P!nk to meet him...Well I'll bring Diddy. P!nk don't fuck with other dogs...she's above that
  2. also you know damn well I don't read any post directed towards me that's more that 4 lines
  3. You still only focused on ratchet and hood is my point
  4. You both totally disregarded current/sexual/ and different! But whatever...if y'all wanna see it as shade so be it
  5. Funny how you both picked hood and ratchet when I named several reasons why...smh people are so quick to react and be defensive for no reason.
  6. I wouldn't say uglies or hotties but they are always white...black guys don't approach me :-( and I love everybody...my love have no boundaries
  7. I just wish was doing this album by herself...baby face isn't needed
  8. it wasn't shade...she's just doing music they like. it isn't quality or everlasting but it's something they like...there's nothing wrong with that
  9. its current/hood/rachet/sexual/different from her previous stuff..that's why she's getting the attention from members like dayz and ralph...not necessarily better but more your cup of tea
  10. Janet Brandy TLC Mariah Luther India Aire P!nk Fantasia Whitney Toni
  11. they hand grammys out left and right these days boy...anywho. imam let yall enjoy yall music from yall queen while you still can. it wont be around that long...toodles
  12. that's your comeback for her music being legendary is 17 grammys LMAO wow...you that out of the loop huh? don't be nobody's fool ok
  13. don't be mad the bitch music aint legend...lol you mad lmao
  14. I didn't call any legend names so 1 what the fuck you talking bout? 2 when im in a department store 20 years from now and I hear beyonce playing...i'll call yo funky ass
  15. I know you're trying to go hard for your fav and all...and imam let you finish but beyonce music will not be placed generations from now homeboy so pipe down. she is a current hit maker equivalent to a basic bitch when it comes to legends. and that's ok. that's what she strives to be. when people are referencing her MUSIC 20 years from now holla at me..til then...3 chops
  16. beyonce may be for breaking records but not her music...her music is not everlasting
  17. she said she wants to remain relevant and that's what she's doing by releasing music/videos of today...yall can call her a queen if you want. But remember queens come and go...legendary is forever. Beyoncé is and will not be legendary. Only songs she will be remembered for is Crazy In Love and Single Ladies...everything else were current hits to be relevant for the moment. And if that's what she wants...she wins
  18. Love Pink! She is in my top 5 fav artist...I named my dog after her.
  19. why are you laughing? seriously...she's heavily medicated....that's what mikey told me
  20. to be fair Britney is medicated and cant possibly dance the way she used to
  21. its crazy! I guess they've never met...Janet has never mentioned the girl or nothing Jesus! And no one has asked janet about her
  22. if that's the case Ciara needs to just stop...she mentioned janet again this weekend
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