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Beyonce’s ‘I Am…World Tour’ DVD (official trailer)…

DJ Y2K Malone™

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dazzling performances of more than twenty # 1 hits transformed for the stage, guest appearances by superstars Kanye West and Jay-Z, spectacular staging, costumes, lighting and production values.

Best of all, it's the chance to spend 90 minutes on stage with the iconic performer whose last concert tour thrilled more than 1.1 million fans at more than one hundred shows in 32 countries and six continents across the globe.

Running from March 2009 through February 2010, Beyonce's epic "I AM...WORLD TOUR" was undertaken in support of the artist's third solo album, I AM...SASHA FIERCE, which has sold more than six million copies and 15 million digital singles worldwide, while earning a record-breaking six Grammy Awards, the most ever for a female artist in a single year, in 2010.

Between her work as a solo artist and as a founding member of Destiny's Child, the most popular female recording group of all time, Beyonce has sold more than 130 million records worldwide.



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yes & it FLOPPED in the ratings -_-

Uhhh, not quite:


Beyoncé: I Am...Yours - 4.99 million viewers, 1.6/5

CSI ® - 8.71 million viewers, 2.0/6

NBC's People of the Year - 4.91 million viewers, 1.3/4

Movie: A Night at the Museum ® - 7.10 million viewers, 2.2/7

Supernatural ® - 2.33 million viewers, 1.0/3


Beyoncé: I Am...Yours - 5.28 million viewers, 1.8/5

CSI ® - 8.74 million viewers, 2.0/6

NBC's People of the Year - 5.43 million viewers, 1.4/4

Movie: A Night at the Museum ® - 6.85 million viewers, 2.1/6

Supernatural ® - 2.09 million viewers, 0.9/3

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