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Whitney Vrs Janet Who Has Had A Greater Impact..More Successful Or More Respected


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LOFL did you guys look at the responses? They are SO pissed and pressed over there lol.

OMG THE COMMENT "WHITNEY HAS DONE SO MUCH FOR SINGING"..............NOTHING Aretha didnt do before her.

& The Comment "Janet didnt do anything for dance, for music" I LAUGHED so hard I almost choked on my damn water, WOW, whoevers going back there ASK them. What women in the biz was dancing as hard and complex as Janet BEFORE Janet? Singers have been around forever, with or without Whitney's existence, thered be singers (cause thered still be Aretha and others before her) JANET opend the door to being a tripple threat Plus songwriting and proving that a women can work a stage just as hard as (if not harder than most) men. Whitney's a voice, Janets a movement. The video for Rhythm Nation inspired so many of today's biggest singers, dancers and actors. Which of Whitney's video's did that?

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^^^Not even close. That would be Beyonce.

Whitney's big return after an 8 year hiatus, yet her album couldn't even scan platinum? Ch...

No Grammy nominations either, despite them releasing the album a day early to meet the Grammy deadline. No decent performances. Moderate reviews. Tour gets trashed. People walk out. A mess.


Janet Slayin makes me wanna mooooove


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Once again, I'll just pick out the funny comments:

Whitney got her WMA Legend Award in 1994.....oh.

#DEAD at Kids Choice Awards top honors.

"On top of that, Whitney is NOBODY'S icon. Iconic for what? Her voice, maybe in the U.S., but worldwide Celine claims that throne."- LOL.....wow....

Some people don't know what IMPACT is. Janet is more respected than Whitney when it comes to artistry. That's really where it ends.

Whitney does NOT have the Legend Award from the WMAs. KII @ them thinking Kids Choice isn't a sign of accomplishment. When a group of people aren't even your target audience, but yet they recognize your greatness? Have plenty seats. :lmao: @ Whitney's artistry being more respected than Whitney's? Where's the artistry it walking into the studio and singing what you're given? Whitney's no better than Rihanna. Janet's artistry >>>>> Whitney's.

Whitney and Madonna are the ONLY divas that can go ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and get a standing ovation. That alone is proof enough she is an icon - and not just in America

Celine cant do that, Janet cannot, hell even ARETHA cant do that.

Please. The only way people will stand for Whitney is if they're getting up to leave one of her shows, like they did on her last tour.

You lost all respect when you said Poetic Justice is more classic than Waiting to Exhale and The Preachers Wife, the movie didn't even gross as much as those films. You also look silly by saying Janet is miles ahead of Whitney. How? Whitney has 11 #1's, Janet has 10. Whitney has 23 Top ten hits, Janet has 27. Whitney's longest #1 was 14 weeks, Janet's "That's the Way Love Goes" 8, Janet has 33 Hot 100 hits, Whitney has 39. I know Whitney has 31 weeks at #1, i'm not sure if Janet is past that as you say, but if she is it isn't MILES ahead like you claim. Also according to my research The Velvet Rope sold 10 million worldwide just like MLIYL. And how did she come for Whitney's wig during Velvet Rope?

overall Whitney's singles performed better on the R&B charts and worldwide as well.

And dead at you saying Whitney and Janet shared 1993, and True Blue outperforming "Whitney". And for all of Janets "domination" during RN she still wasn't the biggest female artist during her 89-91 era, both Paula and Janet earned four #1's and Paula sold more, Mariah's debut sold more as well.

80's Whitney wins

"Whitney Houston" and "Whitney" outperformed "Control" and "Rhythm Nation"

90's Whitney wins

IYBT, TBG,WTE,TPW, Cinderella and MLIYL trumps Janet, Design of a Decade, Poetic Justice, and TVR.

2000-2009 I'll give that to Janet

The Klumps, All for You, Damita Jo, 20YO, Discipline, For Colored Girls, Number Ones beats out TGH, JW,OW and ILTY

Bottom line, the fact that you are completely dogging Whitney in your posts and having the audacity to think Janet is so much more successful than her is revealing what you are trying to accomplish.

When's the last time Waiting to Exhale was on television? As we speak, Starz has Poetic Justice On Demand. I just watched it last night. Not to mention, Poetic Justice has been parodied on In Living Color. When's WTE gonna do it? :lmao: @ them bringing up those chart stats, yet Janet STILL ranked ahead of Whitney on Billboard's Anniversary chart. I won't even address how they're now going the decade, when before it was "Janet was never the biggest female at any point". If we go by Billboard, Janet was the #1 Black artist of the 90s. Whitney was nowhere to be found. Janet has been bigger than Whitney since 1995. KII @ them comparing TVR to MLIYL when "Together Again" shits on every single Whitney released during that time.

Whitney Houston is the single most important thing to happen to popular music singing in the past 25-30 years. Janet is not the most important thing to happen to dancing, videos, images, or albums in the past 25-30 years. Whitney Houston REVITALIZED an entire style of song: the ballad. There are more successful female SINGERS in today's music then there are DANCERS or just plain PERFORMERS, and the modern diva image was started by Whitney. It was an updated version of Diana's classic style, and has been what almost every female "diva" since has based their image (or part of it) on, one way or another.

AGAIN, Where. Is. Whitney's. Impact. Outside. Of. Her. Singing!?!?!?

They completely are off the knockers by saying Janet's SuperBowl Performance was a bigger cultural moment than Whitney's lol, I mean that made me laugh pretty hard. One's helped their career the others hurt it and they haven't fully recovered yet. Janet's Superbowl performance is more comparable to Whitney's Diane Sawyer interview, I mean nipplegate and Crack is wack go hand in hand, if we really want to stoop that low.

Thank you.

Good or bad, Whitney's SSB doesn't come close to the popularity of SB04. It was to the point where the First Lady had to make an unnecessary PSA about it.

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Again, check the pop culture thread.






When's the last time anyone has celebrated Whitney's iconic images?

When are people going to sample any of Whitney's music? People have no problem sampling Janet.


When are people going to mention Whitney in their songs? People have no problem naming Janet in their songs.



Why is Janet being featured in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Whitney is not?


Why doesn' the R&R Hall of Fame think none of Whitney's songs have shaped music? Janet sure didn't have a problem making the list.


When are people going to be inspired by Whitney's videos. Artists have no problem looking to Janet for inspiration.



Her image is plastered all over shows. I don't see Whitney.




Artists are doing things Janet has done on tour. When are they going to look to Whitney's tours for inspiration?



When are people going to pay homage to Whitney's iconic dance routines?


I really don't see Whitney's impact outside of her singing, and clearly her stans don't see EYE-THER. So again I ask, how has she made more of an impact than Janet????

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Hell, Keri Hilson even paid tribute to Janet.


When's the last time an artist has paid tribute to Whitney?

Janet even has the GLBT community recreating her videos.


Hell Janet even has fans in Russia, a place she's never even BEEN to dancing her routines.


Some kids in a high school in Australia did a sketch of her.


Janet has been on Rolling Stone 3 times. Whitney, ONCE. You tell me who had more impact.

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Austin don't forget this:


Even the most iconic female in games had to bow down.


Where is Whitney's wax figure?


Any of Whitney's iconic wardrobes being commemorated?


Where is Whitney's Pepsi campaign. Madonna, Mariah, and Janet have one.


People are dressing up like Janet for Halloween. Who the hell dresses up like Whitney, that isn't already a crack whore?


Where is Whitney in the most famous fashion magazines?



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Janet has widely been considered a fashion icon. She was even awarded for it.


Has Whitney ever hosted Saturday Night Live? Not to mention, they even paid tribute to Good Times.


Hell even Obama quoted Janet in his Oprah Christmas interview:

“People aren’t interested in what you’ve inherited…[it’s like] ‘What have you done for me lately?’” he said. “I’m not interested in spinning my way out of it.”


Has any political figure ever quoted any of Whitney's songs?

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LOFL @ " but of all the divas (not counting Celine because she clearly choses to do vegas), Janet's career is in need of the most CPR. Again, she has had pretty much 3 sucessive flops in a row all promoted"

REALLY, Janets career needs more CPR than Whitney who's back in rehab and had 1 of the worst tours ever ending in boo's and walkouts, and has had 3 flop albums in a row last I checked too. :filenails:

If Janets career needs CPR, Whitney's needs life support & a Ouija board

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LOFL @ " but of all the divas (not counting Celine because she clearly choses to do vegas), Janet's career is in need of the most CPR. Again, she has had pretty much 3 sucessive flops in a row all promoted"

REALLY, Janets career needs more CPR than Whitney who's back in rehab and had 1 of the worst tours ever ending in boo's and walkouts, and has had 3 flop albums in a row last I checked too. :filenails:

If Janets career needs CPR, Whitney's needs life support & a Ouija board

They just need to pull the plug.
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LOFL @ " but of all the divas (not counting Celine because she clearly choses to do vegas), Janet's career is in need of the most CPR. Again, she has had pretty much 3 sucessive flops in a row all promoted"

REALLY, Janets career needs more CPR than Whitney who's back in rehab and had 1 of the worst tours ever ending in boo's and walkouts, and has had 3 flop albums in a row last I checked too. :filenails:

If Janets career needs CPR, Whitney's needs life support & a Ouija board


Let's be honest, who has a better chance at getting a hit right now? Obviously Janet. Her album was on Billboard's most anticipated albums. Her tour is going well, and her popularity is slowly regaining. Nobody is checking for Whitney. The only reason why her last album was successful was because it was marketed as a comeback album. We'll see how that next album sells.

Ya'll are really Going In! I Love it! Anyone who can actually sit there and refute the receipts of Janet's Iconic Status and influence is just blind and a flat out idiot. Janet came, sought, and conquered.

And receipts can NOT be disputed! :lmao:

The only reason why Janet doesn't get as much recognition as she should is because people assume everything she's done MJ has done, when in reality that's not the case.

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SHE IS MAD! :lmao:

:lmao: @ her thinking Whitney paved the way for Janet on MTV, that was Michael. Whitney and Janet started getting heavy rotation on MTV in late winter early spring. Billboard clocked that tea in 1986.

:lmao: @ her thinking Whitney doing films had an impact. Tyler's movies are still tailored to the Black audience. None of them have crossed over, hence why they aren't as successful as movies targeted to the White audience. And Henri already clocked the tea of Whitney's label making her dance so she could seem more versatile. Hmmm, I wonder who was the catalyst for that idea. Not to mention, it's because of Janet that ALL artists started trying to be a triple threat - singer, dancer, actress. Something Whitney tried to do in the beginning of the 90s.

:lmao: @ all of them CONTINUOUSLY repeating stats from The Bodyguard era. They better hang on to that era because that's where 90% of her stats are coming from.

:lmao: @ her copying and pasting from Wikipedia for chart and sales stats. That's NOT IMPACT. :lmao:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Control_(Janet_Jackson_album) Scroll to "Legacy". None of Whitney's albums have changed music like that. I won't even address RN1814 or the Lately Bass.

Those poor fools don't know what impact is. ohboy.gif Impact is what was posted on the last page.

And I'm still DYING @ that child saying Whitney had more of an influence on Britney than Janet. :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

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Apparently this show was based on "Nasty".



This doesn't include the numberous political articles that quote "What Have You Done For Me Lately" in response to the Obama administration and the many times people have quoted the "Nasty" catchphrase.

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Ok somebody read them quick, their trying to lie about Janets billboard awards. WOW Its soooo sad


Oh and please ask, if Janet's not the 1st artist to have a #1 on any chart in the 80's, 90's, 00's, & 010's, who the hell is? 1 things for sure Whitney aint :filenails:

When will Whitney stans get it? She's about as relevant as she is clean & sober right now :coffee:

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