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Chris brown snatches fans iphone


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I'm so tired of Chris Brown apologists. He repeatedly acts out immaturely and often aggressively then states that the world is "out to get him." No, hun. Those are called consequences for your behavior. Everyone has to deal with them, even you.

I've been hoping things would start looking up for him, but his behavior makes that impossible. He's his worst enemy.

If this is true, which it wouldn't surprise me at all (especially since I read there's a warrant for his arrest now), I need for people to stop making excuses for him and his poor behavior. He hasn't learned, and he is still a train wreck. Deal with it.

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Devin Lester ‏ @Devin_Breezy Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

She reminds of the girl who said Bieber got her pregnant @MissJia Only looking for money to get famous

Asia Pooh ツ ‏ @CBreezyJunkie Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

Lmao RT "@MissAsmaBreezy: @MissJia your only lying cause you wanna get some attention #hater"

Devin Lester ‏ @Devin_Breezy Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

Listing you little hoe @MissJia U can Press chargers on #teambreezy All U want but that's not going to stop us from filling up ur metnions

Keisha ‏ @Shorty1103 Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

@MachineGunKammy @MissJia Chris would never deny takin a pic with a fan. She gon get dragged with that crooked lacefront & thats that

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