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New Video: Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ Feat Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver…

DJ Y2K Malone™

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Even with zombies , monsters and dead people all over the place Jay Z managed to be the ugliest one on set.

even though to me Nicky has the best part of the song she doesn't look believable on the video AT ALL

I love the video btw, it's like Flashing Lights meets NIN and monster is to me one of the tracks of the year

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I like it although it could have been better in some ways. Nicki Minaj didn't need to parade he ass like that .. she looks like a straight up hoe. I'm getting the feeling they are playing on the whole 'illuminati' thing lol which I think is smart in a way. At the same time, parading a load of violence in a video dosen't make it great either, its more shocking than anything else.

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Kanye was looking mighty *takes a gulp* ..uh..sexy :umm:

Rick Ross was so not present ..he damn near was like an extra in the video :wtf:

Jay .. (fast forward) :wave:

Nicki ..I loved how the "monsta/dangerous" Nikki was holding "the real" Nikki hostage..That was clever how they did that. She killed B)

Well, umm, that's how he is on the song..

all he says is

bitch i'm a monster. no good bloodsucker. fat mothafucka. now looks who in trouble. kanye west samples. here's one for example.

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