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  1. Anyone who thinks Damita Jo is better than anything between 1986-2001 is delusional. To put Damita Jo over janet. is a joke
  2. It got what it deserved Nah.. probably no tour since MJ decided to nap with little boys and get caught... Janet would have canceled the tour to go to his trial
  3. If 86-01 is the golden years, Damita Jo is silver.. 20 is Bronze and a Discipline is equivalent to 82-84 and didn’t place I love Damita Jo btw. I’m just not going to pretend it didn’t get what it deserved or that it’s Janet’s gold standard... bc it’s not. The singles were trash (chosen poorly) and the music was lackluster
  4. Anything that is subpar in comparison to 1986-2001 = trash “Totally different” =/= “good” especially when it comes to Janet Jackson. and JALW wasn’t that different. Just lazy writing by Janet Bc it was blacklisted in the States
  5. You cannot compare a legendary song to some trash. That’s like comparing “WBT” (tho not first single) to “GTFO” (Mariah Carey). The sexuality wasn’t an issue in 2001. It was post-2001 Some people = hearsay... I need to see the stats which have failed to do so I did it for you. JALW wasnt headed towards anything in the US We not talking world wide. We talking USA... obviously.
  6. I want to note that AFY PEAKED at #14 without a commercial release.. AFY broke radio airplay records. The best airplay during week one by being added by three major formats during week ONE. She held that record until Lady Gaga cheated I also want to know AFY was the fastest added song on multiple formats and JALW was NOT JALW was grabbed 80 adds on the pop level and 15 on rhythmic Stop comparing one of Janet’s most successful single to Just a Little Trash
  7. “A” tv performance... no.. several and interviews, yes. That’s literally the point of promo tours The single should all be great like AFY sans soag It peaked where with radio? 60-something? I need actual proof that it was being played MORE than AFY... Where’s the data to support this claim (ignoring the fact that the Super Bowl controversy just happened, your opinion is just word of mouth from a few fans. JALW isnt as good or catchy as AFY which makes your claim far fetched) Cool.. AFY isn’t the issue as it was one of her biggest hit bc it was fun, relatable, and catchy af summer... also one of her all time greatest songs. Comparing her biggest hit this century to Just a Little Trash or anything from 2004-2010 is a joke. If you can’t blame Janet for the quality of her work then you aren’t blaming the right person. Damita Jo was weak and pointless... while Janet has been a sex icon, Damita Jo made her a sex fiend and it wasn’t a classic Janet album... and it turned cringeworthy and FAST especially after her planned Super Bowl boobie. Damita Jo has zero retrospect, zero personality.. zero substance. Her music was her diary but her diary turned into a snuff book real quick at 38 years old. It was a janet. album reboot with nothing to show for except a great promo tour. The fact that you won’t condemn Janet’s Damita jo album’s lazy theme speaks volumes. You’re delusional. Im not saying you should hate the music. No. I still listen to it religiously to this day... but I’m not going to sit here and pretend Damita Jo is this amazing album that didn’t get the “attention it deserved”. The album got everything it deserved especially a bad critic score
  8. But it helped? Like idk... performing on NBC’s biggest show? Being the #1 Google search? Being everywhere BUT CBS & radio before streaming service and the cable decline took over. There’s that fantasy word: “projected” It peaked so high on Billboard it’s not even worth talking about... I’m not here for fantasies. Reality is JALW was trash and so were the single choices. Yet Again, you didn’t explain how Janet’s creativity was sabotaged (ie writing and production). How the quality of her music declined SHARPLY in 2004-08. I’m waiting on you to place the blame on her... but you refuse to.. as she kept on with the sexual lyrics with ZERO SUBSTANCE
  9. maybe you should speak for yourself FACT: nothing on Damita Jo can’t touch anything from the Legendary Five
  10. I’m confused? Is lunch a white thing? Is breakfast a white thing? So why is brunch a white thing when every race has done it?
  11. Okay.. we got that it was banned from all radio (Viacom owns most radio stations) but Janet was on television throughout the entire era None of what you said proves that Janet’s music, the actual writing/producing, was compromised My argument is Janet’s quality of music went down SHARPLY after AFY... You’re argument is about charts and radio.. those two arguments do not correlate
  12. Isn’t promo (interviews, magazines, SNL) suppose to promote her album? While radio was a large entity to get music out, So was television which Janet was all over Y’all talking but ain’t giving sources. How did they affect her writing/producing, single choices, etc
  13. Janet was everywhere in 2004.. From late night to SNL to Will & Grace to every magazine that would have her pose half naked to Europe... Oprah... 2004 was her biggest promo year ever so you are wrong. While radio & CBS blacklist her, she was still on BET, ABC, NBC Yes.. you agreed that Damita Jo was weak af compared to 1986-2001 so why the five paragraph essay? We’re not talking about sales
  14. Low quality. She calls herself a bottom in front of the crowd and the gays roared
  15. He just Trumped you. Like he does realize you quoted him and now, there’s a different video 0_o
  16. Who affected the production and writing of her sexed up lazy songs? I’m not here for conspiracy theories... like I told Aussie, conspiracy theories are for the loons
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