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  1. DFGDGHGFH not radio disney, but congrats queen !
  2. LawdToday

    BREAKING: Beyoncé + Jay-Z Released Joint Album via TIDAL

    She did it again. QUEEN!
  3. Good job Janet! She looked great and sounded great! Performance was a little short, but still an awesome moment!
  4. LawdToday

    Janet Jackson Bsides (REQUEST)

    drag me
  5. Hey Beloveds! Anyone got tea on where I can obtain certain Janet Bsides? Specifically: And on and on 70s Love Groove Accept Me My PMs are open <3
  6. Night saved the gays from persecution are yall o fucking kay???
  7. OH the J cole version? No Sleeep can go
  8. Janet Jackson created the pillars of Modern female popstars, so yeah !
  9. You can end her now, but she shall rise on the third day LOL.
  10. Black Messiah is unbothered.
  11. SDFGHJKHGFHJKLHG @ The Black ICON surviving this long. Glad to know my obsession with that song is validated. Damn, Beloved is lowkey only hot for the I Get Lonely sample ! So she can go (Still love her)
  12. The Great Forever is a sham than man was abusing Janet throw it away!!!