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  1. You sure did! I remember you kept saying this ain't Janet this Wissam's controlling ass. I give Wissam the benefit of the doubt because he was after all dating and eventually married to Janet Jackson. Surely he knows the world she comes from. And must've been fine with it.... Right.... Wrong. I had always heard that Arab men were like this, but me not wanting to stereotype other people brushed it off. I hate to say it guys but Janet made a HUGE mistake marrying this man. Now she has his first born son. It's going to be a long road for her and Eissa. I hope everybody is okay.
  2. Sorry boo... But it's the truth.
  3. Lady Gaga isn't bigger than Bruno Mars. Hell nobody really is right now.
  4. Lol! Janet clearly invited who she wanted... She didn't want no drama.
  5. BlackCat1989

    HOLY SHIT: CONFIRMED: Janet Will Receive BMA ICON Award

    Wtf they mad for? Madonna is always getting her props. Whereas Janet not so much. I'm glad to see her get her flowers while she is alive.
  6. BlackCat1989

    Tupac's Apology to Janet

    They sure do. Yet they will get mad when I and others bring up his rape charge. Even tho I don't think he raped that girl he did NOTHING to help her. Because as he put it "she wasn't his girl". People especially the new generation don't understand that back then a lot of people didn't fu*k with 2pac because he was so controversial. They have elevated him to GOD status in death. 2pac was a walking contradiction in many ways. However I do respect his artistry. He was in my opinion the greatest rapper of all time.
  7. BlackCat1989

    New pictures 26/2

    All I see is PENNY!!!!!
  8. BlackCat1989

    Joe Jackson Precious Moments

    This was really sweet. Joe hasn't been the best father. I think he knows that and is trying to make amends. I know Johvonnie was mad as hell. I read some exerts of her book...and the woman loves Janet but she also hates her too. You can tell she really wants that sister relationship with Janet. She seems to despise Latoya tho.
  9. Radar Online must be desperate as hell..... This mess made me laugh so hard.
  10. BlackCat1989

    Janet with Eissa in London

    Awwww! Mommy and me! They got on matching outfits.
  11. Is he saying he's being bullied because of this situation? If so he has nobody to blame except his daddy. I hate when kids get bullied but his daddy needed this roasting.
  12. Nothing funny about this wannabe down fucker. His ass got roasted to hell and this is just another dig at Janet. I can't stand guys like this. Fuck em!
  13. BlackCat1989

    New pictures: Janet and Eissa in Central Park

    I don't get it? How does this prove that new music is on the way? I must be out of the loop.