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  1. BlackCat1989

    I got banned from J Club

  2. Yep she sure did! I believe they asked her to perform and Janet turned Justin down. She wasn't about to let them use her. This shit just makes me love Janet even more. She's been through so much and she still comes out smelling like roses.
  3. BlackCat1989

    Janet for InStyle Magazine

    Nope I did as well. She got cute feet!
  4. BlackCat1989

    Who wants to meet Robyn L Baylor?

    I refuse to click on this chick's video. Janet put her ass in her place almost 3 decades ago. The fact that she is still talking about it all these years later tells me she is still bothered.
  5. This is cute for an amateur. I'm not a Britney hater I actually like the woman, but at 52 Janet is putting this chick to shame. I have saw comments saying this is the best Britney has danced in years.... Chile.... People are too easily impressed. If they do a video together Janet would destroy Britney dancewise. It just makes me appreciate Janet more. The woman is a damn firecracker onstage.
  6. BlackCat1989

    Janet and Eissa at the funeral of Joe Jackson

    Well damn! Game was right. Lol! She probably did get that from her daddy.
  7. BlackCat1989

    Janet and Eissa at the funeral of Joe Jackson

    Oh okay. I wasn't implying that the kids got their cursing from Michael. I just think they probably picked that up from their friends or even some of their cousins.
  8. BlackCat1989

    Janet and Eissa at the funeral of Joe Jackson

    They could have gotten this from the people they hang with. Remember the Jackson's didn't grow up cursing. Jimmy said back in the day that Janet would be shocked every time they would cuss around her. John Singleton also said that Janet couldn't cuss to save her life. He actually had to get the girls from the Hood to teach her how to cuss because she sounded funny cussing. Janet learned to cuss from the people around her not from her family.
  9. BlackCat1989

    Janet and Eissa at the funeral of Joe Jackson

    How would they get this from Janet when she was hardly ever around them growing up?
  10. BlackCat1989

    Janet and Eissa at the funeral of Joe Jackson

    Although I liked the fact that Paris spoke up and said that Janet and her were not fueding. I can't help but notice how much Paris and Prince cuss.
  11. BlackCat1989

    Cissy Houston shades Janet in 1991

    Most of the comments on there are actually defending Janet. Paula on the other hand... well let's just say not so much.
  12. BlackCat1989

    Janet and Eissa at the funeral of Joe Jackson

    I think Johnny is Janet's good Judy. He has probably confided in her things he would or could never tell anybody else. Because he knows she can keep a secret like nobody else. I like their friendship.
  13. You sure did! I remember you kept saying this ain't Janet this Wissam's controlling ass. I give Wissam the benefit of the doubt because he was after all dating and eventually married to Janet Jackson. Surely he knows the world she comes from. And must've been fine with it.... Right.... Wrong. I had always heard that Arab men were like this, but me not wanting to stereotype other people brushed it off. I hate to say it guys but Janet made a HUGE mistake marrying this man. Now she has his first born son. It's going to be a long road for her and Eissa. I hope everybody is okay.
  14. Sorry boo... But it's the truth.
  15. Lady Gaga isn't bigger than Bruno Mars. Hell nobody really is right now.