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  1. I’ve seen your activity on Facebook and I genuinely appreciate it. We will see how this all plays out with the officers because while I’d like to believe they’d go to jail, I’ve seen this movie too many times. It’s been interesting and fascinating to see more White people advocate and explain racism to other White people. Far too often it has been the plight of the oppressed to talk to the oppressor and that never made sense to me. I think you have to balance your activity with your self-care. For example, Tuesday was a bad day for me in terms of being emotionally spent. So much so I forgot to eat and that never happens to me. It’s a long fight so give yourself the space and the energy. Thank You for being willing to do the work.
  2. Yeah. I think I’m going to take a mental health day soon to just recharge. Yesterday was heavy. I had friends/allies reaching out and we had some very emotional conversations. A lot weighing on me right now but I honestly hadn’t expected this kind of reaction. It just feels different. And that helps.
  3. I’m in Chicago now and it’s a mess over here as well. I live in downtown Chicago and safety has been an issue. Last weekend was wild! There was some looting a couple of blocks from me. It’s a mess but in some weird ways, it’s encouraging.
  4. I pretty much like you, and in that I am a lone wolf. I missed seeing my family but my parents are over 60 and I didn’t want to risk getting on a flight and potentially exposing them. I went outside for my own sanity. I will say that I’m grateful to still have a job and not going out has helped me to save money so I’m appreciative of it. With all of the killings, I was doing a great job of compartmentalizing but Breonna Taylor’s killing was the first major crack in my facade and then George Floyd was the final tipping point. It’s really hard to work when there’s such a huge burden weighing on you. Last week was really rough and I didn’t know how much I was holding in until I was on a conference call and a senior leader brought it up and I started to cry. Thank goodness we weren’t on camera because I cried really hard for about 20 minutes. I called my brothers and sister just to talk to them and check in on them and I had a really difficult conversation with my mom. I am a huge supporter of the protests and while I’m saddened about some businesses being destroyed that currently serve underserved communities, I’m a supporter of the movement. As a Black woman, I just get so tired of waiting for justice and to be seen as human. And this last couple of days, tensions have been high at work and I finally told someone off because there are so many bigger things on my mind than a number on a PowerPoint chart. The violence has been scary, admittedly. I live 0.25 miles from a really nice street in Chicago that was looted. I couldn’t go outside and I had to have a couple of backup plans just in case they got to my apartment building. I will also express my sincere gratitude and appreciation of my nonblack friends and acquaintances intentionally reaching out to check on me. I’ve been very moved and I remain hopeful.
  5. I know this forum isn’t as active anymore. But I wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing with what’s going on in the world today.
  6. I’ll admit it: I was pissed when Obama said it. I do think when it came to race relations he had a fine line to walk but he did disappoint me at times when it came to race. It’s why I think there are some chinks in his armor with younger Black Millennials and Gen Z because at times he played it too safe with a group of people that were never going to accept him.
  7. Angela


    It is crazy to think about it. This forum and the people that are a part of it mean a lot to me. I’ve been part of the online Janfam community for almost 19 years which is insane. I couldn’t imagine not knowing y’all.
  8. Angela


    I’m glad you got to meet him. It is crazy to think about how some of our most active members are no longer here. I do hope Henry is well. Paul is I think the third member I’ve known that’s passed. While it’s a reality of life, it still hurts when it’s one of our own. I love y’all.
  9. Angela


    OMG! What?! Wow. Reading that really hurts.
  10. No. Just reschedule the tour. Has Janet even been rehearsing?
  11. You need to get the knowledge.
  12. I’m hoping it’s more of a mini series. if she’s a part of it, I’d love to see how it turns out. Otherwise, I’ll pass.
  13. That’s exactly my point. She moved to another continent, had a baby, changed her fashion, etc. for Wissam and wouldn’t even move across the country for JD. Agreed that she was in a different space and with a different man and it brought out a different response from her. Sometimes you just never know.
  14. It was hard for me to type it lol. I’ve been fighting it for a long time but when you think about the decades she’s had and the generations that have come up and been inspired through her, she counts. What solidified it for me was the Hall of Fame. I realize that others look at her the way I used to look at Diana Ross when I was a kid: big fan but most of my memories of her at her prime are through my parents’ eyes. And to be honest, it helps me to stop thinking of all of these eras that fans want but won’t get (many videos, smash singles, etc.). It’s a different time in the world and with her life.
  15. He’s blunt about everything else. He needs to be blunt about that lol. I thought they lived together too but this also tells me everything I need to know about how Janet felt about the relationship. She deeply loved him, but it still wasn’t enough for her to give in. It also tells me she had some reservations. I respect that.
  16. Based on her posts, I’m starting to think Fridays are when her booty call comes through.
  17. I’m fine with a 2021 approach. I absolutely do not see her doing the SuperBowl. I think we need to accept that she’s stubborn and is going to do what she wants. She wrote the SuperBowl off after 2004, and isn’t looking back. And I don’t blame her at all! If there’s anything she’s hoping to happen numbers wise, I could see her trying to get another #1 album. She’s good at that and it’s a new decade so it would extend her streak. She also has a fan base that could help pull it off. I don’t see her gunning for a top single as she’s a legacy act now. And that’s perfectly fine. And 2020 is complete and total trash. I should’ve known when Kobe died this was about to be a year of bullshit, but wow... this exceeded my expectations. I’m grateful to still be employed and to be safe. I hope y’all are safe as well.
  18. At this point, I’m just waiting for her to postpone the tour. My tickets are in July, and I personally don’t feel comfortable going being that close to people yet.
  19. I agree. I’m expecting a total of two videos, if that. I just don’t want folks acting like Janet is gonna do something similar to the AFY era with Eissa fucking up the video shoots lol
  20. I’ve been great. I was here a few months ago posting lol. How have you been?
  21. I love Mimi, but her releasing the same damn video with different songs doesn’t count. And I bought and enjoyed Caution.
  22. I bought my tickets. I’m a little sad that I’m breaking tradition and won’t be in LA but I have to fucking work and I now live in Chicago so I can’t be in LA on a Wednesday. But I bought some second row seats so I ain’t complaining too hard.
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