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  1. Im excited, but it only just crossed my mind that its just more inconsideration for those outside the US. We aint got no LifeTime in the UK and I dont even know what A&E is. Im hoping us foreigners will see it somehow, but Netflix would given better access. Maybe something happened behind the scenes.
  2. I'm in the UK so don't get to see her perform. I can only answer some based on YT clips. Setlist/Song Selection: Metamorphosis Choreography: SOTW - much more and harder. Memorable Intro: Metamorphosis (Empty!!!!!!) even though I would have loved a full flashing lights performance. Costumes/Outfits: Metamorphosis, I think. Seemed more colourful. Wasn't really a fan of the football jersey get up. SOTW1 did it better IMO
  3. Well a Sunday seems nice and chill. I think a evening for us in the UK/Europe would be your afternoon in the US? Should we suggest a week from this coming Sunday? That would give enough time for some people to see the thread and decide if they wanna be part of it or not. Ive atted a few but, if you guys can think of anymore that somewhat still come here... @Aquaria @Bailey @Jakob @JoeJoe @Mr. Wonder
  4. I tried (Gonna B Alright), but i cant Summoning in much higher vibrations for the future
  5. Its the main thing that initially put me off the album...I always skip WYM, that helps for me. Yet im SURE I remember reading her say the pace was supposed to be like that...schizophrenic, up and down, kinda how she was feeling at the time.
  6. Your're not being self indulgent at all and here is as good as any considering how your bond was formed. Hope you can find some comfort here. I vaguely remember the name but not the character. The more things like this happen, the more im inclined to partake in a video call meet up as @Selzsuggested in another thread...for anyone who wants to partake. Take care for now
  7. Come Back To Me on the radio right now! Im shocked sitting here with a big ass grin on my face
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