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  1. Its the main thing that initially put me off the album...I always skip WYM, that helps for me. Yet im SURE I remember reading her say the pace was supposed to be like that...schizophrenic, up and down, kinda how she was feeling at the time.
  2. Your're not being self indulgent at all and here is as good as any considering how your bond was formed. Hope you can find some comfort here. I vaguely remember the name but not the character. The more things like this happen, the more im inclined to partake in a video call meet up as @Selzsuggested in another thread...for anyone who wants to partake. Take care for now
  3. Come Back To Me on the radio right now! Im shocked sitting here with a big ass grin on my face
  4. Id argue they were bigger in their pop days over here
  5. What black pop artists are there? Anyway, I think the poster above is more on the ball
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head. I know UK have always appreciated smooth polished RNB pop sounds here...the hard industrial New Jack mood not so much
  7. It doesn't get any more black pop than Whoops Now and as i said they still play Control songs...I've even heard All 4 You a few times recently. For whatever reason, RN as a whole didn't translate.
  8. Not in the UK at least. Im listening to alot of radio working from home and im hearing ALOT of Control songs played, but never RN. If it is, its Escapade. I hear Whoops Now and Best Things more than anything off of RN!
  9. I dont wanna come off as rude, but is this what our society does now? We base our views/opinions on emoji and what someone "liked" on SM? I personally dont think that gives us enough information to say which political figure she may support, if any. She may have just liked the jist of what her brother was saying??? I think society needs to learn to be a bit more objective. For example, I might (not saying I do) agree with one or two Trump (or any other politicians) policies/action. Doesn't mean I like or support that person and their party. But I can recognise and say "actually, I d
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