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  1. Queen of Trolling! It does look good though. I feel we will get music beforehand...hopefully.
  2. Discipline teas ? With a touch of Unbreakable on the front cover
  3. Precisely. If any current artist is gonna be unbothered by their achievements, its J. I mean she may well have copies but this doesnt surprise me in the least. Its like shedding your past and starting anew. A new era is dawning for sure.
  4. So I finally started vaping weed this week and thought about this thread why did I leave it so long?! Its different but a difference I can get used to.
  5. I know. I've always said most of the choreography needs an update at this stage and I remember liking it at the time. I guess Ill go have a look too.
  6. YES!!! I remember loving that part but ...I don't really remember anything else from the performance.
  7. AFU performance came to mind first but I think you might be right. Alot of the energy was lost.
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