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  1. idk if I wanna see this. I feel like they waited waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long and Keanu looks old af to be doing all that crazy s*** lol
  2. Madonna fans and white people got so mad that all their drama even had TMZ reporting how Lizzo upset them lmao!
  3. The song sucks. Cardi actually makes the song sound better but it's gonna flop and this will be Cardi's 3rd feature flop in a row after "Big Paper" with DJ Khaled and that wack ass Normani song "Wild Flop"
  4. Same here and the song sucks. She'll never make it big if she and her team keep accepting shitty songs and think good choreography is gonna save it. All these years she been solo and still mediocre music and nobody writing hits for her. I'm rooting for her but her future is looking to end up like Tinashe
  5. I still listen to my ipod in my car. I literally have no idea what else people use to listen to their music other than their phone. I don't like listening to music on my phone. I like smaller devices which is why I still use my ipod.
  6. Roddy Rich's new "Late Night" video with Chris Brown's ex Karrueche Tran. A nod to the 80's. See if you can spot some of your faves like Madonna and Salt-N-Pepa. Janet and Whitney are also next to each other https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJDRfZJFAk0
  7. Doesn't Really Matter at the In-Shape Gym. I noticed radio never plays the album version
  8. yeah I saw it and it looks so fresh!
  9. Awe this is awesome! Idk where you're from but I love your accent. You sound like you are in your 20s meanwhile most of us Janet fans are in our 30s and 40s. How much was the book if you don't mind?
  10. These plaques for The Pleasure Principle, Let's Wait Awhile, and Control were just discovered by some fans. PP and LWA were RIAA certified gold and Control went platinum. Interesting that you can't find these certifications in RIAA's database when you go on the site.
  11. I'm here for it. IDC how long ago it happened. I don't know of any other female entertainer who has gone through years of blacklisting because of what a white man helped her do.
  12. i'm sure everything they said we've all heard before
  13. you literally can't except maybe the Number Ones Tour. Rock Witchu, Unbreakable, and State were nothing like TVR tour. Is you for real?
  14. Yes and I didn't realize how much until I watched more clips and the stage looks too small. I believe even the Rhythm Nation Tour stage was bigger. a bit similar? lol I honestly don't think it would sell well. I know it's Janet but are tour concerts even being sold these days?
  15. and he's been getting dragged for like 4 days now. The stans ain't letting up and he deserves everything he's getting. He's probably the one who wrote Justin's fake ass apology
  16. So for the past few days i've been watching uploaded clips of the tour on youtube and in it you'll see a lot of the things she did is used in The Velvet Rope tour with minor readjustments. I'll give you this clip of "This Time" for example. You'll see that the dancers are wearing some of the same outfits with masks that will later be used for her "You" performance on TVR tour. Of course we can tell it was lip synced but its whatever. Then you'll see the lady and her husband fighting which of course is the same drama that is used for "What About?".
  17. Ok thats good then, although I never liked Prince he has a good catalog
  18. Hell idk if Michael has even been inducted in there? Has any of Janet's peers?
  19. Same here! It's always been my favorite Janet album
  20. unh unh idk if I can sit for 2hrs and listen. Are they gonna be discussing some things we never knew about?
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