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What Summer Movies Did You See That Were Worth Seeing?


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I'm wondering cause I saw Godzilla and it was okay, but after paying the cost of IMax and food I wasn't blown away, I still have yet to see Spiderman every day I have off I just want to chill, I heard Xmen was the best of the bunch they came out with but a lot of movies have come out or are coming out....what did ya think? :coffee:

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Summer has just started.

Seen The Wind Rises at the movies and that's just about it.

I did say excited for movies to come too, when I saw Godzilla the movie theater was doing a good job of showcasing films not out yet, like damn that looks good, or damn that looks wack :coffee: there's a comedy with Melissa McCarthy from "Identity Thief"called "Tammy" i bet that shit is gonna be funny as fuck :lmao:
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