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  1. I know I'm going back a couple years now - the third season was never aired in the UK and all three seasons are now on Disney+ so I've been rewatching all of it so I can catch up with season 3. I never knew Brandy did two whole seasons in it, nor that Chad Michael Murray's one trick pony looking ass played a bad guy. Plus Kosine annoyed the hell out of me. Did anyone else watch the series or just me? Having said all that I've still got 8 episodes to go lol.
  2. Was this news like an unplanned leak or something? Disappeared very quickly.
  3. One of these guys can rip us a DVD lol Failing that, why don't you and me plan a trip to the States for when it's showing
  4. [color=red]On the anniversary of her brother’s death too - nice touch [/color]
  5. No I mean he said a similar thing to what I was saying.
  6. You didn't miss it, just putting out some feelers to see who's interested at this stage
  7. I do think of Henry quite often. I even tried to email him the other day on the old address I had for him but it came back undeliverable. I hope he's doing ok and living life.
  8. I didn't know her until about a year ago, my girl friends at work are big fans. I used to look at her as just another teeny bopper artist but she's actually pretty talented.
  9. Escapade? For when we're allowed to go on bloody holiday again
  10. @trackboy07 @bu. @BunifaJackson @downeaznboi @janetDAYZ
  11. Awesome. What's a good time of day for you Miss Angie? Are you on pacific time? I forget.
  12. Christmas alone plus Disney+ subscription meant a bunch of cheesy movies Soul - A Toy Story 4 - B- Hamilton - A (technically a stage show not a movie but it was movie length lol)
  13. Like Bruvski I remember the name but not the character so much - I liked him though so I'm really sorry to hear this
  14. This has stayed in the back of my mind - maybe we should try and schedule a date? I don't about y'all's Christmas but mine was a pile of shit, wasn't allowed to leave London and had to spend it alone in my flat. And Boris Johnson about to make another national address tonight to make things a bit worse - could do with something to look forward to! I know we're on different timezones etc. but I'm sure we can make it work if we're keen?
  15. Yeah that was my thought too
  16. Since most of us are probably familiar with Zoom now, how about a Jan fam Zoom catch up? I think a lot of us know each other from Facebook and Insta so can't imagine it'd be too awkward What do you all think?
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