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  1. [color=red]On the anniversary of her brother’s death too - nice touch [/color]
  2. No I mean he said a similar thing to what I was saying.
  3. You didn't miss it, just putting out some feelers to see who's interested at this stage
  4. I do think of Henry quite often. I even tried to email him the other day on the old address I had for him but it came back undeliverable. I hope he's doing ok and living life.
  5. I didn't know her until about a year ago, my girl friends at work are big fans. I used to look at her as just another teeny bopper artist but she's actually pretty talented.
  6. Escapade? For when we're allowed to go on bloody holiday again
  7. @trackboy07 @bu. @BunifaJackson @downeaznboi @janetDAYZ
  8. Awesome. What's a good time of day for you Miss Angie? Are you on pacific time? I forget.
  9. Christmas alone plus Disney+ subscription meant a bunch of cheesy movies Soul - A Toy Story 4 - B- Hamilton - A (technically a stage show not a movie but it was movie length lol)
  10. Like Bruvski I remember the name but not the character so much - I liked him though so I'm really sorry to hear this
  11. This has stayed in the back of my mind - maybe we should try and schedule a date? I don't about y'all's Christmas but mine was a pile of shit, wasn't allowed to leave London and had to spend it alone in my flat. And Boris Johnson about to make another national address tonight to make things a bit worse - could do with something to look forward to! I know we're on different timezones etc. but I'm sure we can make it work if we're keen?
  12. Yeah that was my thought too
  13. Since most of us are probably familiar with Zoom now, how about a Jan fam Zoom catch up? I think a lot of us know each other from Facebook and Insta so can't imagine it'd be too awkward What do you all think?
  14. I'm glad. You need to take time out for yourself. It seems like Chadwick Boseman hit a lot of you guys hard. I can't lie, I didn't know much about him - I DID see Get On Up, which was brilliant, but not Black Panther yet because it's a comic book movie and I was never a fan of those. I'm gonna take time to check it out though, it seems like he touched a lot of people. And he was my age, and he had colon cancer, and my eldest brother had his diseased colon removed a few years ago, and it all just made me stop short. With Jacob Blake, something in me deflated. It opened my eyes again to a snippet of what it's like to be a Black person in America, like we're doing all this fighting and then this happens and it feels like we're just not being taken seriously. It's not okay. It makes me want to scream at the world. A lot makes me want to do that lately. We have to keep going.
  15. How was your stint on Drag Race?
  16. I saw Parasite at the cinema - what did you think of it? (obviously a lot because you gave it an A )
  17. SMG was my girl crush or possibly Buffy was? I've also finished watching RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 (terrible finale - why didn't he wait to film it properly? Always chasing the skrilla All Stars 5 was good
  18. I'm rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Prime. I haven't seen it for over 10 years - it still makes me cry. The storylines in the earlier series were brilliant.
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