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The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

Mr. Wonder

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The Pop Culture Thread


In lieu of nearly 30 years in the music industry, I thought it would be a good idea to illustrate not only Janet's impact in music, but as a pop culture icon as well. So a thread was created to compile Janet references, allusions, etc in music, movies, TV shows, pictures, radio, tours, etc.


Disclaimer: please exercise good judgment. Things like Youtube Janet tributes, small mentions in articles, etc would not fit in this thread.
If you are unsure how this thread works, just look at the posts and draw a logical conclusion.

As of 9/28/11, you can include mentions in music.  -_-


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South Park has an entire episode supporting Janet after the SB. It's called "Good Times With Weapons":

South Park took aim at the hysteria in its eighth season premiere, "Good Times With Weapons", on March 17 of that year when Eric Cartman sneaks across a stage in the nude and later blames the incident on a "wardrobe malfunction." The townspeople are angered by Cartman's display, rather than feeling concern for a horribly mutilated and disoriented character (Butters) who is also present on stage, referring to the acceptance of violence and the taboo against nudity.


You have to go to there website to view it. Fatty Guy could never :filenails:

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The Hughleys

Darryl and Yvonne discover a joint in what they think is Sydney's jacket, but when they confront their innocent daughter they realize that it was actually one of Yvonne's old jackets. They decides to let their kids punish them, but when the kids forbid them to go to the Janet Jackson concert they've been looking forward to, they sneak out of the house and go anyway.


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Living Single (4th Season)

"Back in the Day"

As Khadijah prepares to accept an award for her work at Flavor, the group recalls a time when Flavor was just a dream; Max lived with Khadijah and Regine (until she and Regine tried to kill each other); and Regine dated Kyle and his Afro. They later reminisce about Synclaire's arrival from Minnesota (along with Crispus Attucks, her seven-foot high troll doll); and her first meeting with Overton, who immediately told Kyle that he had just met the mother of his children.

In her first appearance in the flashback scenes, Khadijah wears a crown. This was Queen Latifah's trademark early in her rap career, but she abandoned the look upon the release of her third album, 1993's Black Reign. Regine wears an outfit that copies the uniform worn by Janet Jackson in her 1989 video for "Rhythm Nation."


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