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I'm sorry but Kelly Rowland needs to pay Janet royalities for that BET performance...

King Baby

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No, i didn't. :rolleyes:

Yeen gosta lie to kick it!

*ignores your mess while they drag you away* :wave:

It's just a matter of time that Blue realizes that she's a bigger Nick Jr. star and leaves him -_-

*watches them sedate you from behind the counter*

Blue's ratings are much better anyway. -_-

That sounds like a H.A.M. hot ass mess

Ummm, surprisingly, the performance was pretty decent.

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Like usual, he'll come three days later with a response. He's almost as bad as Joejoe. :sigh:

I have a reason that I'm late with my response. :rolleyes:

He lives alone in the backwoods of Virgina. -_-

Did you HAVE to reveal the area where I live? :rolleyes:

*more so because you've hit TOF's delusional state*

Don't tell me Little Bill is in the witness protection program :o


I'm not delusional. :rolleyes:

THIEF!!!! :umm:

Both him and the dog from Blue's Clues are there. :whistle:

Don't start that Nick Jr stuff... :sigh:

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