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  1. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    You can't count DRM, for obvious reasons. And STCML was stalling before they released the physical single. Plus, it wasn't much of a hit internationally.
  2. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    Okay so where's the new music?
  3. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    Must be a different album cuz AFY was the only major hit from the album.
  4. BREAKING: SOTW Tour Back On this Summer; “New” Promo Pix

    She's becoming insufferable.
  5. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    Well then why are we here? From what I remember, TVR was more trying in terms of Janet's ability to be as commercially successful as her previous three projects, four if you count DOAD. And people didn't understand the album, and that created a dichotomy between interest and ignoring. And ppl were more interested in understanding the album, rather than just waiting for Janet too finish whatever she was going thru. So that created a lot of attention for her. Whereas AFY was more of a solidification of Janet's legendary status. She was everywhere promo wise. But it was just like a calm after the storm (TVR). Like TVR, it only had one major hit, but it was more of a return to form with Janet.
  6. Bigger Era & Why: TVR v. AFY

    AFY felt bigger. But statically, TVR is the bigger era.
  7. Nah. Janet got into UK Vogue with RN1814, which was unprecedented for Black women at that time, performed for the Queen and sold out a few shows across western Europe. There's a French magazine from the RN1814 era calling her the Queen of Pop. The album performed well in Oceania. MYM peaked at #2 in NZ if I'm not mistaken; album went #1 in NZ or Aussie, I forget which one. There's also a known date missing from the tour because the RN1814T went to Singapore. Album is certified in Hong Kong as well. Only places that's not really known regarding performance are SA and Africa. It's a stretch to imply she wasn't popular outside the states with RN1814. She definitely was.
  8. It ain't black at all.
  9. That ain't even black dummy. You doin' the damn most.
  10. The heavily promoted, "No Sleep".
  11. A quick glance through the charts, sales, and pop culture thread should tell you everything you need to know.
  12. I just knew when I saw you posted last it would be the most.
  13. New Announcement Coming This Week!

    You are such a Negative Nancy.
  14. New Announcement Coming This Week!

    RN1814 Tour DVD, finally. Just what we've been waiting for.
  15. The Other News Thread

    Created feminism.
  16. The Other News Thread

    The "Other News" Thread "...People gather 'round, at the Lenox Lounge..." In an effort to keep the Janet section as clutter-free as possible, I made this thread for us to post minor Janet news, articles, mentions, etc that doesn't really need a whole thread. Joejoe, I expect nearly all of your threads to be merged into here. Also, if you have a catchier title for this thread, let me know.
  17. The Pop Culture Thread In lieu of nearly 30 years in the music industry, I thought it would be a good idea to illustrate not only Janet's impact in music, but as a pop culture icon as well. So a thread was created to compile Janet references, allusions, etc in music, movies, TV shows, pictures, radio, tours, etc. Disclaimer: please exercise good judgment. Things like Youtube Janet tributes, small mentions in articles, etc would not fit in this thread. If you are unsure how this thread works, just look at the posts and draw a logical conclusion. As of 9/28/11, you can include mentions in music.
  18. Sam Smith covered TBTILAF.
  19. No Joke: Janet TOUR Coming September 2018

    Haven't dates been popping up and disappearing regularly by now?
  20. OK USA April 2

    Not a coincidence.
  21. The Other News Thread

    And let Britney get embarrassed?
  22. The Janet Jackson Praise Thread With a career spanning nearly 4 decades, Janet has released groundbreaking songs, albums, and videos. As she watered her spiritual garden, she has been celebrated for her contributions to the world during her journey. Here, we congregate in the Kingdom Hall of Janhova's Witnesses to bring the testimonies of her children as they pay their respects to the goddess.