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  1. Bailey. added a post in a topic JanFam... How in the hell......   

    it happens everywhere, we're not the only ones doing it everybody gets their turn
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  2. Bailey. added a post in a topic JanFam... How in the hell......   

    standing right outside the arena, in the lobby amongst people ...no one knows nor cares

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  3. Bailey. added a post in a topic JanFam... How in the hell......   

    thats the picture, you have to think about it from the casual fan perspective, Gil, Joey, and others can stand in a crowd outside the venue and the only people that will know them are us !   Other people will walk right by, and Joey did ask me after we took the pic, "so where are you sitting?"  I had went and bought two third row seats on StubHub that day, so he looks and says "you're pretty close already".....the end.
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  4. Bailey. added a post in a topic JanFam... How in the hell......   

    depends, what city....it really does, if you in La or New York, forget all dat ish   hell if you in Atlanta, or thinking about going, hang dat shit up too her last date
    NOW on how to meet these people, show up in some cases early, however the venue I saw Janet in last did not let people in until like 7ish, and as soon as I went in first person I run into is Joey!  no lie, and I just went up politely introduced myself asked him "what are you doing out here? Shouldnt you be in the back"  to which he replied "I'm just checking out the crowd coming in"...cool "can I get a pic?"   yea?..."coool"
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  5. Bailey. added a post in a topic ICYMI: Every Episode of Will & Grace is on Hulu   

    Angie----"Im not doing this, I compartmentalize"
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  6. Bailey. added a post in a topic ICYMI: Every Episode of Will & Grace is on Hulu   

    I always thought this show catered to uppity White gays 
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  7. Bailey. added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    He tries it, and he'll be back, but I wont, I get tired of the shit, I got other shit to deal with
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  8. Bailey. added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    dont tell me tell them that, they seem to think it, as evidenced by their behavior, and plenty of folks on this board said the photos looked staged.
    Wendy is a point of view, she gets the tea and interprets it as she sees it, I dont think for one second she was off in saying the photos were "look Im the better parent" thats all that was.
    I dont care how many times she's been there, its still interesting that she seems to go there with the baby...and let this be the last exchange on this subject
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  9. Bailey. added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    In some ways it very much is a campaign, to win custody, and its back and forth....Wendy Williams may not be the most liked person here, BUT she certainly has the sense to call things as she sees them, so I will continue to quote whomever I see fit to do so. And who is "someone" that said The Ivy is Janet's favorite? Who told you that ? you're not quoting anyone there you're just pulling whatever you have outta ya butt hole
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  10. Bailey. added a post in a topic The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition   

    I was reading the comments and someone said "Empress of Pop"  
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  11. Bailey. added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    well it does answer questions about visitation and I honestly wondered where he was.....that got answered. Look I keep coming back to one thing, no matter what happens with those two, they have a child together now and that means, unlike previous guys Janet spent years with, Wissam is a permanent fixture in her life even if only as the father of her son...she gotta work with that....I thought she was pimp of the year, she saw shit wasn't going right, they talked thought maybe a baby would give their relationship "more" instead shit broke down, it happen, but fuck a pre-nup she got that baby and him gonna pay for that
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  12. Bailey. added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    how you been?
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  13. Bailey. added a post in a topic Wissam seen with Eissa   

    anonymity has its value
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