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  1. the act of just sex alone doesn't turn me on nearly as much as it did 15 years ago. Its just boring to me and its the same stuff over and over. I actually enjoyed kissing a guy recently just because guys don't kiss anymore on hookups
  2. it's kinda like having all her tour books into one really nice package a coffee table book which I'm feeling so thanks for showing that because it makes me want it. Ive got so many items from over the years, and I'm kinda tired of keeping them, I've got tour books , magazine, Miss Janet Fanclub items, I kinda want to just consolidate my admiration into a coffee book
  3. I think he like all her men influenced her, he had her posing for XXL magazine he wasn't good for her brand. Now Wissam had Janet stepping it up like a damn queen her presentation her look and all was very regal. Besides there's Essa and I dont see room for too much else
  4. we cool, having said that, who gives a fuck about him loving her, he fucked a stripper unprotected and got her pregnant while dating Janet Jackson....cancelled
  5. underwear or no underwear while cuddling?
  6. so his edge to get any promo is to keep answering questions about his former relationship with Janet Jackson? that's all the media wants from him? that's his selling point ? why can't he just go "it happen, it was what it was, it's over now, I'm pass it, ya'll should be too"
  7. I knew before I even got in here it was about a bunch of nominations and my first thought was, "For that shitty ass season?' and here we are
  8. I wont sit through and read all this, can't a bitch get her coin? I mean ya'll making this political. Introducing Western performers and influence on that region alone helps to alleviate some of the Middle East's perceptions. When country's can isolate from the developing world, they can socially keep things the way they've always been.
  9. "grown folk" are mature indivduals who have some experience(s) and wisdom from age under their belts, who do not have time for the foolishness. That can be anyone male or female there is nothing "toxic" nor "masculine" about someone who is str8up 100 with their agenda and handles their business
  10. I think we all want something or someone but shit its the 689 problem. Most guys are 6's that think they are 8's and they deserve nothing less than a 9
  11. I like how I was able to agree with you both at the same time
  12. "real men" no......"grown folk" yes
  13. it's not that's an entirely different subject, what I'm hearing here is grown folks acting like responsible ass grown folks who got bills to pay and no time for bullshit
  14. that's what Ive learned it comes down to, the gays that suffer the most are the ones seeking love and boyfriends, you have to love your own company first and be able to be content in being single......its too much yearning out here
  15. they too grown for that boys play games
  16. damn shit is tight out here, I wish they would just invent life like programmable fuck bots
  17. this is about me looking in this thread multiple times and deciding whether or not I wish to entertain you and your foolishness so let me do all I'm going to do here....real simple two steps 1. #surelockhimup 2.#stillboptracks
  18. i know like if he had a little dick he wouldnt have all these problems
  19. oh come on, how much difference are you seeing out here nowadays? Extended stay hookups?
  20. I had a dude tell me this, he was like I just have a craving for huge dicks.....I'm like
  21. that's because you muthafuckas aint getting married or if you do it's later in life
  22. I've never liked these movies in any format, it's just never been my "thing" no tea no shade if you enjoy it by all means, but I have nothing to offer I'm not too keen on Disney....to me it's like Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, some other shit I didnt care for nor about
  23. our state did something I LOVE all these uptight ass people who live around a bunch of other uptight people said we dont want those dispensaries in our areas, well the law states any city that chooses to have a dispensary within its city limits will directly benefit from the tax revenue generated if your city wont house a dispensary you gets no paper from it
  24. you mean how many posts did I type last night all with pen hits
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