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5 minutes ago, kidfresh832 said:

Yeah I read a few reviews too the Times review made that point also.


The dilemma they will have now story wise is focusing on June now after all this.  I mean really the ho had 3 opportunities to escape now.  I get the need to want to save Hannah.  But, there's ALOT that crossed lines that finale.

What in the world excuses can she have when she goes back?  All those Martha's that took risks to get her out with the baby and she rolls back in there?  Id be livid.  I mean yeah we can assume the baby gets out maybe but damn.

Maybe they can continue the redemption of Serena and she can back June up I guess.  But, what about baby daddy?  He was literally holding the commander hostage clearly helping the escape.  He got to run don't he?

Commander has gotten increasingly crazy too, that explosion must have fried his brain.  That scene in the kitchen with June where he was saying he still want to try again if she behave.  I mean it was just MENACING and the tension you could read it all over her face like she could barely contain that "go fuck yourself".

This shit deserves Emmy's the acting is just crazy good.  The lip trembles, the emotions you see just looking at their faces.

they gave this show Emmys last year but who would have thought the second season would be better than the first!  I mean you cannot deny no one can, season 2 was a mind blower. Now as for Nick that can be explained by stating that some security breach occurred and no one knew who to blame so everyone was suspect so Nick did his job which was to hold anyone behind because the other Commander got Emily out, I can see them explaining that away. I dont know how they explain the baby being gone and how Emily is too, that's assuming they get out of Gilead but from the context of June's last words to Emily I do believe they get out....it was such a cliffhanger episode. I keep watching the video and its two fires going one at a house and another car fire, so maybe Aunt Lydia's body is being disposed of somehow but none of the lines crossed are explained away without some punishment doled out....Aunt Lydia lives that's another story but she took some nasty ass kicks :lol:

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