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  1. RIGHT! "'Sources say' but where ya gettin' it?" - The Great Forever
  2. They fucking tried it with that placement. UNBREAKABLE was so much better than so many albums on that list. Fucking Fetty Wap placed higher than Janet? Fuck this list.
  3. This song demonstrates Janet's versatility and also her influences. I could totally hear Fleetwood Mac doing this song. Stevie Nicks is everything. Janet rocks the fuck out on this song and it deserves to be a number 1 pop song!
  4. Read about room number four here: http://www.roomno4.org/en/gallery/
  5. Yo. Besides being a slick-ass groove, Janet got REAL political on this song. References to the Black Lives Matter movement, and to "room number four": http://www.roomno4.org/en/about/. This song is even more politically daring than "Rhythm Nation" and "State of the World."
  6. Janet is channeling Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks and I am here for all it!
  7. My current favorite track on the album! #BlackEagle
  8. Currently "Black Eagle"... Followed by "Dream Maker/Euphoria," "Dammn Baby," "Unbreakable," "No Sleeep," "Night" and "Take Me Away."
  9. "I woke up in heaven in the morning with the biggest smile upon my face." YAAaasssssssssssss!
  10. A 70? NYT has a ranking system? I read the review and there was no indication of a grade. The review actually didn't even really review the album. I was struggling to determine where the actual review was.
  11. You KNOW they thought that was an A album, but because it's Janet they gave it a B+. Like you said, that was their way of including shade. But fuck them. Everyone loves it. LOL!
  12. 'Unbreakable' review: Two assured sides of Janet JacksonSeptember 30, 2015 4:09 PM By GLENN GAMBOA glenn.gamboa@newsday.com 0 + - REVIEWShe really is, you know. Janet Jackson suffered the steepest of career turnarounds following her Super Bowl halftime show wardrobe malfunction in 2004, practically becoming a pariah in the pop mainstream she once ruled. She soldiered on -- first pretending/hoping it would blow over, then actively challenging her accusers with edgy, sex-themed songs. With "Unbreakable" (Rhythm Nation/BMG), Jackson finally seems like she's over it. Maybe that comes with time or
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