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  1. Their banter together made this unique actually. Shawnette is HILARIOUS.
  2. Anybody watch this on Facebook Live a couple days ago??? Tina, Kelly, Nikki and Shawnette were on together. Jimmy Jam joined too - was AMAZING.
  3. Was it ever professionally recorded though? I agree - she repeated the script too much from Janet. To TVR.
  4. RN maybe wasn’t the hardest, but judging from the video I just saw of it for the first time, it was the most energetic. She had me sweating just watching her. And her VOCALS were kick-ass.
  5. Lifetime??? Ummm that’s a bit bootleg. I was hoping this would be on Netflix.
  6. To me, they are the same level of greatness, just from the perspective a woman in 1997 at age 31 vs the same woman in 2015 at age 48.
  7. Free Woman Is my JAM. Puts me in a great frame of mind - LOVE it. Also love Enigma, Replay, Alice and Babylon.
  8. Album is GREAT. 911 isn’t a bad song, but it’s far from a favorite on the album. Was really surprised it was chosen as a single.
  9. It’s a banger for sure. Love it. I’m just spoiled when it comes to dance videos because of Janet. I don’t like to watch non-dancers dance in pop videos. Can be a little cringey.
  10. I’ve been a fan of Gaga from the beginning and did not care for Artpop and Joanne. This one is FULL of straight up bangers, though, if you’re a fan of true dance/house music. Think of it as her Confessions on a Dance Floor. It blasts off right out of the gate and never slows down. She may have actually benefitted from pulling the project until this is all over because the music practically commands a dance floor. It’s nice entertainment while we are all bored to death though.
  11. I actually loved the enigmatic approach to release of Unbreakable. It was fitting for the record - she just let the (amazing) music speak for itself. Glad to see her out and about this time, though. Curious about the new music - are Jimmy and Terry involved? <fingers crossed>
  12. Perfect review of this album. It is a masterpiece. The “sonic bed,” as Jimmy says, truly is amazing. The sounds take you to a specific place emotionally throughout. It’s a journey.
  13. I hate the baby making songs. Always have.
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