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  1. Where's j holiday, bobby v and omarion?
  2. If any of you are In the philly area my friend terrell is having a show that day at the clef club
  3. Idk yet i told him to pick a date and ill pick 1. Hopefully it works out with all this moving
  4. Im pumping my fist for jd to take that spot
  5. Dee


    Yesss for miss melie wanting fitz shot then whenshe found out he was over liv had second thoughts . Go youtube and look up funky dineva scandal
  6. Dee


    I live for funky dinevas reviews of each eppisode
  7. Dee


    watched it again eariler and I agree it was a good epp. I had to rewind the part when she pulled the trigger I was like dammmm in 2 weeks its goin down fitz cant let liv go cant stand to see her move on
  8. Dee


    yess he was not playing with miss mellie Lastnites eppisode was ok but it didnt really move me But how dumb not to check all those spies for more weapons What they did to david and abbey was kinda cruel but needed to happen I cant belive abbey didnt realise it was a set up tho
  9. Heading to my sisters house where ill be helping to prepare the food and eating it all
  10. Dee


    i belive theres more but that scandal caused so many other scandals like the goveners wife screwing the help and the govener knew and killed it for political gain miss cyrus is a bicth in that order he got the first lady and his husband together
  11. Dee


    Ok so is anyone still watching? Abbey and david bout to die
  12. Thanks guys i plan to celabrate this weekend glad none of you are im philly for this 1 lol And yes i still come here lol lots of time i just peek in and do mod work
  13. Need to update this with new stories who wants to help?
  14. they stopped using shampoo but whenever you wanna come up for first friday let let me know its always packed
  15. She looks great in this pic She can dance her ass off
  16. Other... Kanyes last album was one of his best to date
  17. LMFAO!!! That is hysterical!!! Let's do it!!! lol

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