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  1. I'm thinking about collecting all her albums on vinyl lately but I'm sure the hardest one would be Dreamstreet.
  2. Thank goodness the album is stellar enough to keep the legs up and going this era. I mean that for what happens from here on out.
  3. Y'all shoulda seen the look on my face as I'm getting ready for work listening to Beats Radio announcing this topic. To make matters worst, Elton John is schedule to be on the radio show in a few...chile
  4. her parents(not siblings) or her daughter
  5. i just can't believe Jon Snow got snatched so shady. Add i think Lena Headey just scored herself a Emmy nomination with that "Walk of Shame" scene.
  6. not too happy about my seats( ORCH-L, Row H) for the 9/26 at Chasten Park show
  7. Bring this to the hood state side w/ pension and I'm full game!
  8. Seeing Cersei get snatched was LIFE received!
  9. Just knowing the album title will more than likely be Conversations In A Cafe gives me RN1814 meets TVR to the 10th power!!!!
  10. I started that fake ass "college fund" account long ago! IM READY JANET! TAKE ALL MY COINS!!
  11. Was JD using common sense when he went raw and busted a nut in a stripper while still with Janet?
  12. my number 2 is everyone else floating in the toilet.
  13. i attract crappy assholes instead of perfectly long dicks.
  14. Trey Songz I want him to water my spritual garden but his personality is more shitter than burrito night.
  15. She is our mother and we are her children! THE VELVET LIFE will forever be a masterpiece of musical history.
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