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  1. Fantastic music video! Loving the colors, fashions, and various dancing styles
  2. All these video shots got me over the moon! A goddess coming down to save our poor souls!
  3. The Concord show was amazing! She looks gorgeous especially in person and had effortless command of stage. I was pleasantly surprised how many deeper cuts she performed this time around (I purposefully avoided looking up the setlist so I'd be surprised), and I always appreciate TTWLG being performed. She's still got it and I'm glad I got to witness it for the 3rd time!
  4. Loved the video message. Can't wait for October!
  5. I love this. It has a chill, nostalgic vibe.
  6. Honestly, I'd stare in the mirror and... enjoy myself lol. But on a more G-rated note, I'd take advantage of this suddenly-gained singing talent and record a bunch of acapellas. And lastly, I'd tweet/PM a few fans just to make their days. Maybe up to 25 ~ myself included of course lol!
  7. If she were to release another single, I would love "Take Away" or "Gon B Alright." I'd imagine just a simple concept with her band behind her (at least during the chorus).
  8. Oh wow what an honor, she delivered on my birthday. Congrats Janet and Welcome Eissa!
  9. Once again another great, thorough & well-thought-out list! I just finished reading it while listening to clips. In fact, a few your top 10 choices cross over with mine (spoiler lol). And there's a lot of singles I missed, I liked The Kills' and Harts' songs.
  10. What a sad year it's been. Rest in peace Carrie Fisher.
  11. No prob! I've narrowed mine down to 50 but still working on the sequencing.
  12. Awesome choices so far, Matt! I especially loved Nao and King's records.
  13. She was probably thinking "If it happens... that's nice. If not... oh well." lol At the end of the day I got a solid record, so I'll lose no sleeep over it.
  14. While I'm not putting much stock in it, I signed it anyway.
  15. He already lost me at "I didnt vote."
  16. I like it. The funk/pop sound suits him (as with "Treasure" and "Uptown Funk")
  17. I like what I heard so far, especially "Don't Touch My Hair." I'll give it a full listen soon.
  18. Who do you guys think should get the roles? Personally I would love Viola Davis for Sarabi and Lupita Nyong'o for adult Nala. Maybe David Oyelowo for adult Simba.
  19. New song for Empire... It reminds me of Memoirs' heavy, mellow R&B sound (a direction I loved), and I think it fits the show.
  20. Of course the original is special to me, but I'm curious where they go with this.
  21. Trump supporters from Reddit and 4chan organized to brigade online polls...
  22. After watching the debate, I heard only one candidate on the stage who sounded presidential.
  23. The lowercase letters, the period at the end, heck yeah lol! (And even moreso if we zoomed in and she moved her left elbow a lil bit )
  24. Trump set the bar so low it's buried underground. I hope Hillary is on her A game tonight.
  25. TBH I haven't been really impressed with anything he released since "Climax."
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