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  1. She’s going to start getting dragged even more being in her 40s and releasing immature music.
  2. LoL I’m in an Unbreakable mood right now. Ask me in a month and I might change back to The Velvet Rope. I’ve worn TVR out during the beginning of quarantine and for some reason I’ve been so into Unbreakable lately
  3. Beyoncé’s music has been slowly losing relevancy/falling apart without Matthew Knowles but only people who pay close attention know. Her label gave up on her years ago. Adele is the Queen of Columbia Records now. Her main A&R, Teresa, left her after Lemonade. Beyonce doesn’t know how to pick a hit song and she doesn’t bring great returns in terms of record sales or chart hits for how expensive her albums are to make (videos, writing camps, sampling) which is why she pays for this stuff herself.
  4. Even without the Super Bowl, 2004 Damita Jo would’ve been in the shadows of Beyonces Dangerously in Love, Alicia Diary of Alicia Keys, and Ushers Confessions. Janet was 37 years old and competing against 22 year olds in a very ageist industry. All for You had the smash hit All for You to lead the era. Just a Little While by comparison is very weak and wouldn’t have been a smash.
  5. I think Janet lost her ambition after Michael died. She used to say she and Michael were very competitive with each other when it came to music releases. I think if Michael were still alive, she’d have more of a fire and passion to be competitive. Michael was about to make a big comeback with This is It and that would’ve inspired Janet to also make a grand comeback. No way would she have done a small and intimate Number Ones tour if Michael had completed This is It. Hell, it would have been amazing if they did a Michael and Janet tour together. That would have been fire. My guess is his death,her breakup with Jermaine, and being without a label drove her into a depression and away from wanting to even do music. Moving overseas and marrying Wissam made her realize she’s not meant to be a housewife. She loves doing music and appreciated the fans wanting her to come back so she got back out there with Unbreakable. I am so glad she has Eissa and is a mom. I am sure it has given her so much joy given the heartbreak she’s endured
  6. Unbreakable is better. It’s not as slow and sad as TVR. I think I’d say Unbreakable is sonically better just because it’s like a mix of the Happy/poppier All for You album and the Slow jam/somber Velvet Rope album. Unbreakable is also vocally better and it’s flow isn’t interrupted by interludes. Arguably lyrically better as well.
  7. In the Zone would have been hot as a Janet album
  8. Replace Feedback with Rock with U. Bring Escapade back for Vegas. Bring back Again. Replace No Sleeep with Night. Add Someone to call my Lover. Afrobeat/Latin mix of Come on Get Up that goes into Together Again, and Made for Now. Mix BurnitUp/Lose Control/Control.
  9. It actually has some bops. It just sounds more like an album Ciara would put out not Janet. It's all JD's fault. I think 20 YO is better than Discipline.
  10. Album Tracks: 1.This Time, 2.Trust a Try, 3.Lonely, 4.My Need, 5.Night. Honorable Mention:Slolove Hits: 1.Thats the Way Love Goes, 2.Escapade, 3.Pleasure Principle (extended), 4.If, 5.Miss You Much Honorable Mention: Rhythm Nation
  11. My favorite song changes by the day, I love the Motown soul of Unbreakable. Reminds me of I Want You. Right now, that is my favorite. Also, Damn Baby, Black Eagle, Dreammaker, Take me Away, Broken Hearts Heal, Night, & The Great Forever.
  12. This is one of the deepest songs in her catalog and one of the most important songs off the album. I am still trying to decipher the meaning behind the black eagle. It is even the visual stamp and logo for this era. The metaphors in this are deep. I know the eagle is probably referring to multiple things, but I really want to know her explanation of it.
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