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  1. I couldn't pull anymore up for ATL today. Live Nation presale goes up Friday, I believe, and regular sale on Monday. When the Amex/pre-order sale was up this Monday for Atl, tickets were ranging $45 (lawn) to $150 (orchestra pit/floor behind pit). The close main pit/floor seats were $350. I paid about $118 a piece for orchesta. I'm hoping more of the orchestra/pit for $150 will open up myself.
  2. I feel ya. I'm Row V, Orch-C. Wondering if I can get better tickets at the Live Nation pre-sale on Fri or on Mon and resell through Ticketmaster.
  3. Tickets for Atlanta purchased.
  4. It seems the media is desperate for Janet Jackson to quit the industry. Despite Janet and her team admitting on various occasions that a new album is in the pipeline, the media just refuses to acknowledge it. Instead they repeat the same mantra: Janet has quit the industry, gone into hiding, converted to Islam and refuses to see her family – with gossip about her brothers begging for money and her suffering from severe OCD. Janet told Billboard last month: “I am working on a new project now.” Soon after Miss Jackson was pictured at a writing session with producer Tommy Parker and Ian Cross
  5. I'm seriously wondering if the Vegas show has her contracted not to perform. It's stupid. Whether she's in her old shape, barely lucid mannequin circus state, or okay femme fatale, people expect to see her actually PROMOTE. She's a performing artist, and the show, album, and singles will suffer with her not on tv performing live.
  6. registered toward the end of AFY, circa 2002. Always more of a lurker, though.
  7. I came close to feeling that way at "The Circus starring Britney Spears." I've seen all of her tours live since the OIDIA era, and that was the ONLY one I personally found suspect. If it weren't for the PCD's 40 minute set and the 30 minute actual circus set, I would have been upset. People rag on Femme Fatale (It's beneath Dream within a dream and Onyx Hotel Britney) but Circus was embarrassing for a woman with her hits and only 2 females (Beyonce and P!nk) in her generation that come close in entertainment.
  8. *slight day 1 spoiler* the first taping was in Charleston tonight. Kelly is def the nicest, but she isn't afraid to tell it how it is. Paulina . . . .I was defending her to my friends who never heard of her until she told a 16 year old girl, "that song . . it . . it is nice. You wrote it?" about "Not Ready to make nice." Her comments over-all are a little generic, too.
  9. "When I think of you" is probably the only Janet #1 that I've never been attached to. I listen to it on my playlist or on cds; I just never seek it out to play. I do find that a lot of my friends who basically only know her #1s love that song and "Escapade" like they were the best songs ever written.
  10. She still has it. It's obvious in her music videos and her behind the scenes rehearsal videos that she does. Even performing live, she still has more stage presence that most but it is different. It didn't really click to me until I saw Jennifer Lopez in concert last year because she was the same . . . . when Britney performs live now, she takes most of the leg work out of her routines. Everything above waist is fine, but her new choreography have little and her old choreo has had the leg work taken out. I don't know if it's laziness or her two knee injuries (Drive Me Crazy Tour and Onyx
  11. She's doing a show in Columbia, SC for SC Pride on July 13th.
  12. is this the same as "being t" that had a trailer a couple years ago and disappeared? either way, holla, J!
  13. Elephunk and Monkey Business were really good albums, but I loved The E.N.D. I thought it was the perfect mix of what made the Black Eyed Peas special in their own way mixed with mass market popular music appeal. The Beginning was a mess. Outside of Just Can't Get Enough and Fergie's part of the Time of your life sample, I did not like that album. When Dirty Bit came out, I rolled my eyes at the thought that pure dance music was where pop was going. The sad thing is, everyone that came out after that (including Brit with Hold It Against Me) did it better. I don't know where Will.I.Am was
  14. Yes, he has flip flopped on the issue. When he was a senator, he supported. When he was first elected, he only supported civil unions. The fact of the matter is he is taking a bigger risk switching to support marriage equality now instead of waiting after the election. Anyone who believed he didn't support marriage equality (including the pushy gay activists) just were not reading between the lines. I am proud of him for coming out in support now in stead of waiting until after the election. I just hope he and his team's conviction on this subject will not turn away bigots who support hi
  15. Britney is an old-fashioned Southern girl in a modern world. I'm sure if she REALLY wanted, she could fight to have complete control of her assets, etc again, but why? She can work when she wants, play with her kids, and spend her money. Her men (daddy and fiance) just watch over and make sure she doesn't overdue herself.
  16. They're not going to go after a dealer. I highly doubt there even was a dealer at the scene. The bottom line is whether Whitney used drugs at the hotel or 2 days before or if she brought drugs with her or got them there, there was a need for no drugs or drug related items to be at the scene. Had she drowned because of issues with prescription xanax or other meds, yes, they would likely go after her doctor. But Whitney admitted to having a day by day struggle with drugs. Whoever her handlers were at the scene were protecting her legacy and Bobby Kristina's future by not letting the worst p
  17. This makes more sense to me. Sales and airplay should equal the popularity of a song by giving weight to both how much people would want to pay to listen to someone's music whenever they want to and how much people would use their energy to request a song on radio. Everyone knows airplay is anything but a good tracker in 2012. Janet and Britney have both suffered from unfair boycotting by companies that own multiple stations separately over the last 12 years. At the same time, it can be argued artists like Mariah and recently Madonna have used $$ to get their songs played more than they no
  18. I think it's American Life. I loathed half of that album, but she was forgiven when she re-purposed it as Remixed and Revisited.
  19. I love the 2 vids Kylie released so far. I wish Janet would release a limited release unplugged/accoustic/classical album of hits right before her next album with songs like IGL, Runaway, TA, PP.
  20. I think they changed the rules the next year because of the current accessibility of digital downloads now to get albums and singles and how much Michael's old catalog was selling after his death. His passing was actually what made Billboard review their rules on old releases recharting.
  21. Good music is good music. The general public under 21 may not know the name "Paul McCartney," but they know who the Beatles are and enjoy their music. I, at age 30, do not by ANY means consider myself a fan of McCartney or the Beatles, but I can name their music and respect them for the good music they made and their accomplishments. The kids may not have been checking for what Whitney and Michael were doing next, but they can name at least 5 songs and know they were the hawt, great ones at some point. It really has more to do with exposure. My parents never force fed Patti, Dionne, Areth
  22. I had a guy I was talking to ask me about this (I'm black; he was white). He said he had an ex that kept asking him to call him n!gger while they were going at it. I was like We live in gawd d@mn SC of all places and there are black bois asking white bois to call them that while they're beating it up? Do you not love yourself?!?!?! I don't get it, personally. Maybe some lighter stuff is okay (no matter same or different race) like "chocolate dick" "caramel cake" "vanilla popsickle" or something but..
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