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  1. I'm not sure if there is a definite answer. I was viewing it as a buzz single. Maybe if it got popular enough (like "Dark Horse" did for Katy Perry as a buzz single), they'd make it an official single later on. I wasn't sure if they were even done with No Sleeep yet since that T-Town remix with R. Kelly hasn't even come out yet. Some people are JUST getting into No Sleeep due to increased play at Urban AC.
  2. They need to have her perform again. I'm a fan of all 4 (of course Janhova is at the top), but it bothers me to no end that they continuously roll out Madonna and Rihanna of all people to perform but "let" Janet and Britney perform once, and give them deuces. For goodness sake, Patti only performed ONCE as a guest in a remake of her own song, but Bey and Justin are safe, easy go to's. I wants to see an apology, a performance from Janet, and for them to throw her some best collaboration, best R&B, best pop vocal, and all that shizz. . She may not care and she definitely doesn't NEED any mor
  3. Omg, it'd be amazing. I wouldn't be able to get a good pic because I'd be ugly crying while she looks like an angel.
  4. I'm so mad he's playing "I want you" now. Lol. Take it back to Damita Jo! I like "Unbreakable" A LOT. It reminds me of "Enjoy" but more radio friendly.
  5. I have now pre-ordered the cd, the vinyl, and a digital copy. Janhova steady taking my money. ?? ?
  6. So, do we know much about the mymusicvip? . Like if I preordered the album and bought 4 tickets, My code would still only allow 1 person to get into the museum, etc?
  7. Omg. I just died and was brought back because that song is giving so much LIFE.
  8. Gil tweeted "I just cried in my bathroom watching one of the content to one of the songs. Heartbreaking but the world needs to see . . .And wake up." I'm anxious and excited.
  9. I prefer CIAC. It does feel reminiscent of JJRN1814 and TVR. I assumed Unbreakable was a rock/dance track and the Tour title only. Unbreakable is fine though and still makes sense. Either way, I'm just glad a new CD is coming.
  10. Has Janet even really been "uncovered" since the 20 y.o. era? None of her videos or TV performances have her signature abs showing since so excited. She barely showed skin in concert on Rockwitchu and Up Close and Personal. It was mostly some cleavage. Her blackgama campaign is the most risqué look in 9 years.
  11. Sounds like it could be cute. I've actually been wondering why there haven't been any club mixes yet. She's the #3 (#2 until Rihanna passed recently) club chart artist.
  12. From what I can tell . . . Platinum are the best seats. Usually the first 4 rows or so on the floor, though I have seen some listed in other sections. Whether they have additional perks later, IDK. The press releases make me think maybe. Like how they hinted "This unprecedented access to the live event has never been attempted for music owners, who in Janet's eyes are extraordinary, generous and loving." . . .Pre ordering the album allows you access to better seats in the pre-sale than AmEX and Live Nation does. Platinum might have better access to the "eligible for other VIP experiences, incl
  13. you know there are resellers right? A little steeper in price but with every penny They can be trusted? some fans resell their tickets on ticketmaster now, so that's verified. I've used stubhub before with no problem, as well.
  14. You're in Columbia? me too! I'm definitely going to this one. My co-worker told me about it this morning..talking bout she ain't going to go since she's not a big fan of Hers. I'm in charleston. I used to live in Columbia. I'm def going. The queen comes back to SC. I. Must. Be. There.
  15. Her official website is updated now. My local news affiliate in Columbia, SC just announced Presale tomorrow and general next Monday, as well, so they're actively pushing the info out now.
  16. Baltimore, DC, and Jacksonville are on ticketmaster for Presale tomorrow at 10a. Portland for Friday.
  17. OMG! If she comes to SC, I'm seeing her twice on this tour. She hasn't been here since Rhythm Nation, I don't think . . .
  18. She's # 1 trending on yahoo right now. Did people just realize the lyric video was out?
  19. I hope she does the VMA to kick off the tour. Maybe "No Sleeep" into a dance track ala TTWLG/IF performance.
  20. On the heels of her stunning appearance Sunday at the 2015 BET Awards, the 49-year-old legend announced on Tuesday that she's also coming out with her own diamond jewelry line called the Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds collection. Janet actually debuted the collection at the BET Awards, where she wore a heart-shaped necklace made with twenty-five carats of Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds (retailing at $2 million) as well as a thirteen carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond ring (retailing at $500K). http://m.etonline.com/news/167091_janet_jackson_announces_unbreakable_diamond_collection/
  21. 20 on iTunes, 8 on pop iTunes. Does anyone know why it's not listed as r&ab as well. Is that An artist decision?
  22. Omg, I hope this is being sent to radio. I need my iTunes download ASAP!
  23. I was wondering whether atl was sold out and they haven't announced it. There was nothing available when I checked the presale today at ten. And no tickets come up for American Express or preorder album codes either.
  24. I remember watching the control album vids. I had to have been around 4 (my older sister was a big fan). Miss you much is when I latched on, dancing on chairs in the living room.
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