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  1. jarrylf added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    A- to the muthafuckin- MEN THANKYOU!!! That's my language, that's exactly where I am, this is the album that I wanted in every damn way, and all I wanted was THAT album that album that shows me lyrically and vocally she's still growing. A album worth being her last album if it even had to be and no album (since DJ in my opinion) has been remotely deserving of that possible title until Unbreakable.
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  2. jarrylf added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Oh GOD now comes the fairweather fan martyr routine of "Janet fans hate everybody, everybody elses fans love everybody". Spare me, I'm observant, and I'd rather Janet sell half of what Unbreakable did than become the laughing stock Madonna's made herself with what she's pulled in the last couple of years. Like I get it, integrity doesn't mean anything to you, money does, but integrity is more impressive at her age.
    Then that sounds like a issue you're going to have to fix, because black women doing 300K, #1 album, #1 single isn't a thing today like it was for a brief time in the 80's, and even then you need to get over it mattering so much given she's a independent artist so expecting "janet. 1993" album sales is a crazy ass reach, same as comparing her bundle sales with major over the top label promotion....
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  3. jarrylf added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Nope that doesnt equate to being on TMZ for frenchint Drake and grossing him out or going on every show thatll have you to boost like itll help anyway. Selling merch with the album is common sense on every level and hardly a case for desperation for major numbers or hits 
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  4. jarrylf added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Caring about sales vs. Making sales THE priority. If she didnt care at all it wouldve been a free download, if sells were the/a priority would take more than the ticket bundle to prove that.
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  5. jarrylf added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    RIGHT? Especially for a Legend.  
    Janets beyond worrying abouy sales, as she should be period, musicians post 40 and using every trick and stunt to boost sales like they on the same page as the basic bitches they inspire look thirsty and desperate.
    Thats also why Im more on board for a new project all together, a re-release after 2 years looks and feels like a catch up at this point. And whilst we all agree its needed in terms of the tour, the album is solid as fuck. And for a black female singer of more than 30 yrs in the biz who dealt with a major backlash from major promotion for 10yrs, a independent artist and purposely did little beyond the tour to promote, its a success, especially compared to her peers doing the complete opposite as if they flop it'll be the worst thing theyve ever endured.
    I'll take artistic integrity anyday, thank you. Unbreakable was the album of "let the music speak for itself and answer your questions"
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  6. jarrylf added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    This is the news I want, personally as brilliant as she is live, shes my fave artist, so I welcome all the new material. Re-release wouldnt be a let down, but I got what I needed from it, everyone who matters that knows of it loved it, and thats what I wanted a album better than the era (she hadnt had that in YEARS), & im ok with that being THE main objective, quality music.
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  7. jarrylf added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Exaggeration, from what we see he has NO social media period, vs. Janet posting every 4-6 months is still Janet posting (though likely not literally her), and thats how its been going back to Myspace. Hell she used Social media to announce the baby in the 1st place lol
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  8. jarrylf added a post in a topic TLC - "Way Back" (NEW FIRST SINGLE)   

    I been boppin this for 2 days now 
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  9. jarrylf added a post in a topic Ebony Article Calls Out "Gold Digger" comments   

    BET did a REALLY good write up about the disrespect she's received as a whole lately too. This makes me proud as fuck, both the Ebony & BET articles. I wish it was beyond the black community (ala Rolling Stone or BIllboard) where this was being discussed, because frankly, the black community knows this all already (except with the Ebony article, thats important for everyone and how Black women/women of color are characterized with their breakups, I've been uncomfortable for years about how women like Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez have been talked about at the end of their relationships but I don't see many white women talked about in the same light), but this problem with how Janet is treated has for almost 15yrs now been a mainstream POP culture issue. Glad to say it's gotten better since Unbreakable, but this incident proves they still don't look at her highly and worth all the respect she's demanded and earned by herself.
    Janet Jackson: Pop Music's Most Disrespected Icon
    How a legend got reduced to a "raunchy pop star."
    Even by tabloid standards, the crudely constructed headline, "From raunchy pop star to Muslim single mum at 50 - just what is going on with Janet Jackson?," the brazen query from UK rag the Daily Mirror had all the subtlety of a sexual harassment employee video starring FOX News blowhard Bill O’Reilly. There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s start with the underlying fact that one of music’s most successful and culturally influential acts has been reduced to a “raunchy pop star.”
    Yes, Janet Jackson — a woman who has sold over 100 million albums, becoming the blueprint for aspiring starlets worldwide who could unleash every eye-cutting note and body rolling move from 1987’s iconic “The Pleasure Principle” clip by heart — has become the most disrespected pop behemoth this side of Mariah Carey. 
    Such is the indignity of being the veteran singer and actress who is currently dominating the news cycle following her separation from her Muslim billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana. Much of the coverage of the 50-year-old music legend’s split has trafficked largely in misogynistic conspiracy theories and innuendo that would have you believe that Janet, who is reportedly worth more than $250 million, gave birth to a miracle child and broke it off with Mana precisely at the five-year mark to tap into an unsubstantiated prenuptial agreement reportedly worth $500 million. Following the news of the breakup, social media went into a gossiping frenzy. “Janet Jackson is a scammer…Lol she got that baby and split…Collect that child support boo,” said one critic on Twitter. “Janet Jackson just showed us that marriage is nothing more than a wedding ring and business,” claimed another.
    So how did we get to the point where an iconic artist who has amassed her own sizable fortune is suddenly demonized as a gold digging, loveless, calculating bed wench? You’d have to go back to the black nipple that flashed the world; that is, Janet’s infamous 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show performance, for which she was painted in a worse light than the CEO of United Airlines after former N’SYNC member turned blue-eyed-soul great white hope Justin Timberlake pulled the Control star’s bustier to reveal a barely covered breast. Almost overnight, the Grammy-winning diva saw her career flatline as radio stations dropped her from their playlists.
    And while Jackson, who was publicly forced to do everything but carry a cross to atone for her alleged sins, managed to make a moderate comeback with her 11th studio album, 2015’s Unbreakable, and a well-received concert tour (postponed following news that the singer and her Qatari husband were expecting a baby), it has been strange, side-eye-inducing times for the music legend.
    Most glaring is the puzzling case of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s continued snubbing of Janet, who received her first nomination in 2015, despite being eligible since 2007. According to veteran author and music journalist Alan Light, who serves on the RRHOF’s nominating committee, he is just as baffled at the institution’s disposable treatment of JJ. “To me, if Madonna goes in first ballot, but Janet Jackson goes on the ballot and doesn’t get in, there’s something happening,” he told me, making a reasonable comparison between the former pop peers and rivals. “How could one of them get in and not the other? I think it’s because Madonna is seen as having a more rock and roll attitude whereas Janet is seen as more of a dance artist.”
    Well, that’s part of the reason. There’s also the Hall’s abysmal treatment of female artists, their rockist approach to black- and gay-anchored dance music and its massive blind spot for any R&B music released post 1978. And yet, your mind races back to those loud, triggering words “raunchy pop star…single mum.” It doesn’t matter that Janet can proudly point to six multi-platinum albums, including the aforementioned 1986 album Control, 1989’s Rhythm Nation 1814 and janet., all landmark, empowering statements that have influenced everyone from Adele to Beyoncé. Or that, according to Billboard, Jackson has knocked out 10 Hot 100 No. 1s and 27 Top 10 singles, placing her in the same company as Elton John and Carey.
    Nor does it matter that Janet broke new ground after signing a record-breaking recording contract in 1991 worth $32 million and was truthfully doing her larger-than-life sibling Michael a favor when she contributed to their hit duet “Scream” (The late Gloved One was still repairing a somewhat tarnished image after unproven accusations of child sexual abuse and needed a boost from his “hotter” baby sis).
    To a good segment of American society, Janet Jackson is viewed no different than any other Black woman: a mere punching bag filled with baby mama tropes, “nappy headed ho” put downs (thanks French Montana), angry black woman archetypes, overtly sexualized twerkers and scheming, money-grubbing thots looking for the next come-up. It’s a sobering reality that White House correspondent April Ryan, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, 22-year-old waitress Maryam Barksdale and even former First Lady Michelle Obama know all too well.
    And it’s the same double standard of reality in which a blond Madonna, who once released a nude, explicit coffee table book entitled Sex, can be celebrated for smashing patriarchal constrictions and waving the flag for female empowerment while Janet is dismissed as a freak during her bondage-indulging apex on 1997’s underrated The Velvet Rope.
    It’s black and white.
    Written by Keith Murphy
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  10. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    .....well damn....the plot thickens indeed. 
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  11. jarrylf added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    It'll die when Barbz accept the L they keep requesting & refreshing
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  12. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    People happy with this possibility for nothing more than seeing her dress a certain way are truly disturbed. Like "fuck her & her childs happiness, get rid of them pants"
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  13. jarrylf added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    ofcourse thats the card im gonna keep playing, its the card of why she won & Nicki lost, its like how you keep making it about pop success except my card is what the subjects about. And nobody's bent out of shape about or dogging Remy buy Nicki stans, and Shether & Remy get bought up in hip hop media everytime Nicki does today so thats wrong. In fact word on the street is Nicki is still humiliated by the whole humilating incident. Who gives a fuck about what the song does on Billboard? Remy had respect and she proved shes better than Nicki and that shes legit and Nicki isnt.
    Why you Barbz loose everytime you bring sales and charts into the equation, is Remy already shut down shes not about that, being a pop princess and having fueds with Miley and desperately clinging to Ariana for hits isnt what shes after. Everytime you bring up money, sales or charts its a automatic fail that you just dont get how hip hop goes beyond pop. 
    And do you REALLLY wanma go there with ghostwriters? Remy calls out Nicki for being useless without the help of ghostwriters which are heavily said to be Wayne, Drake, & SafariNicki responds with a song with 2 of the 3 names, EPIC.FAIL I DIDNT EVEN THINK SHE WAS THAT DUMB OR KNEW THAT LITTLE ABOUT HOW THIS GOES BUT I LOVE IT, SHE SIGNED FOR THAT L REMMY SENT HER! 
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  14. jarrylf added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Yet despite being a flop shook Nicki & all her stans to their core and outed her for the weak kidz bop pop artist she is with 1 song thats highly praised, while Nickis lame response got tore apart by everyone thats not a stan. Thats the story without the alternate facts.
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  15. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet has separated from Wissam.   

    This is REALLLLLLLLY spreading, but "Sources Say But where Ya Gettin it?". I'm not taking this seriously until  the source is HER or HIM. And the media been breaking them up every Goddamn year! 
    It was on Instagram live
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  16. jarrylf added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Exactly, it's what Nicki stans want, rap battles don't matter just because their fave got bodied. It's amazingliy hilarious how they proudly don't understand something but want to change and make the rules SO quickly to benefit them/their side lol. Point blank and period in Hip Hop, if you're going to all yourself royalty or the best, that's the genre where making such a claim requires proof in terms of skills in a direct call & response, someone will win, or someone will loose, or both will be so good it's too close to call, this wasn't that last option for sure. And yea what you're saying is how genre's work and always will, it's fine to mix and match, but that's not for everyone and it shouldn't solely be for everyone, genre's serve a purpose, to say otherwise is to be ignorant really.
    Eh, No clue, wouldn't be surprised either way, only concerned about what light if they do. But also I'm not concerned with the specifics of the movie as much as I am with the actor playing him, seeing as how this is his 1st movie ever, and he was a professional lookalike that they hired based off of the look, then gave him acting classes..... THAT is what I'm concerned about...
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  17. jarrylf added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

     I thought at least one of yall reignited this finished business with the news that Nicki just released a better diss track, but since she's proven she's a Kidz Bop imitation of a rapper, I figured yall would be stuck on the L she's been given and using the same lame excuses to try to change the topic and stay failing like Nicki's lame response
    That's like saying Ja Rule didn't get ruined by 50cent because he was already solidified before 50 tore him apart publically. That's not how rap works. Remy doesn't need pop sells as validation she's better than Nicki, Shether did that, and Nicki's crappy response proved it. We get it effie, you have no respect or interest in specific genres, you want them all mashed up and mixed together with the same club beats so you can't tell what is what, but that's not what real music listeners are about, that's hipsters. It's like saying "who cares about people playing instruments when you can use electronics". Real music enthusists who appreciate music learn about genres and in's & outs of what makes genre's what they are in their core before trying to mix. So I understand how some of you Nicki stans feel all confused as to how hip hop works because she more so represents pop, but maybe you guys should brush up on how rap fueds and history really works, or you can stay supporty Baby Bop over there, and let hip hop fans actually discuss hip hop.
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  18. jarrylf added a post in a topic American Horror Story: Coven/Murder House crossover   

    I hope good campy not "Scream Queens" (which BADLY needs to be canceled) 
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  19. jarrylf added a post in a topic The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread   

    ......shes officially a decent actress.....shes real decent on Bates Motel, like shes very captivating and I was worried that they were giving her such a reverred role (the famous Janet Leigh/the shower scene character), but GOD, Im believing her in this and shes serving those emotions nicely. Theres dry moments when she dropped the ball on a line or 2, but shes actually for the most part convincing and relaxed... im proud of her, and look forward to her acting future. Valerian, Oceans Eight, Soul Sisters Im here for Rihanna the actress. Thats my favorite thing about her, she keeps groeing and getting better right in front of us.
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  20. jarrylf added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    You missed The Daily Show Weds night?.....cause they were
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  21. jarrylf added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

     THE ONLY PEOPLE MAD @ REM ON EMPIRE IS THE BARBZ TOO FUNNY, its not taking a "L" cause you personally dont like it, its taking a L when the world hates it like Nickis latest releases. Yall Kidz Bop Fans are funny. People loved her song & performance across, but yall mad, don't even have a understanding of the  phrase "taking a L" is 
    Its just the Barbz that dont know how hip hop works. Its really funny, hell even the Daily Show took the time to drag her for sheither. Buy in the mind of Kidz Bop fans, if its not pop success it dont make sense. Their fave is humiliated for the world to see in a way actual rappers dont stand for, & they can't deal.
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  22. jarrylf added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Yea and I get that, but living and working in LA & bumping into these people alot, I give rgwm all face value, like meeting her was actually accidental (my cousin from out of town asked her to take a pic of us lol, didnt have a clue who she was :lmao:). But she was extremely sweet and started up conversation. Thing is I got my opinions on anyone on their reputation (and hers aint good at all), but Im not gonna be rude based on your reputation, I pay you dust if you treat me crappy. My opinions arent changing on the subject of her reputations, but on her as a person, she was cooler than she had to be.
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  23. jarrylf added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    A 1 hit wonder whos entire storyline on the reality show shes on is about her father & Janet's imaginary daughter
    damn I wish she was a lil mean or cold so I could not like her just a lil
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  24. jarrylf added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    ........I just met James DeBarges daughter Kristinia.....I was stunned for no other fact that this is a person literally causing problems for Janet lol. I low key wanted to not like her because of that, but she was super sweet, super fine, & funny......damnit LOL 
    I've betrayed Muva 
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  25. jarrylf added a post in a topic Janet puts her Malibu house up for sale   

    I need to see if I can try to get a looksie....cause its not far from me (if traffic is avoided, but Malibu's always traffic heavy)
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