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  1. Sooooo it's been stated and proven over and over that he's been making music like this since before he came out as a solo artist.....yet....you're still saying he JUST started this. You're proving my point that everyone on the side against him don't know enough about either him or what appropriation is to criticize him, more obviously, people are mad that he's made better & more successful R&B than most current R&B artists. THAT'S where this stems from, it makes perfect sense (it happens to EVERY single artist of a different race that gets major success in hip-hop or R&B, whether they appropriate or not they'll be accused of it), what doesn't make sense is calling him out and not knowing he's been this guy all along, watch the interviews, look up the production discography, he started producing music like he makes for other artists and anyone who says otherwise is just wrong and content with being wrong. If it were majority of black people on all social media on the wrong side and dragging him THAT would've been covered by the media, but instead, it's the media INCLUDING the black media trying educate everyone who's wrong on why their wrong.
  2. Your implication was that I brought him up in "whataboutism" which you've been harping on, yet, I've only responded to him being brought up, thus you're basically now admitting it doesn't apply to me, thanx Except it LITERALLY does matter when , that's entirely the point. someones start vs. years into their career. It matters cause it means Bruno's more authentic because he's being who he's really always been, vs. what Justin's trying/learning to be.
  3. Except for the fact that you're actually outright lying I didn't bring Justin up, my 1st post didn't even say his untalented name.....soooo that's 2 Trumpism's for you, alternative facts, and lying as if it's true. AS WELL as the fact that you haven't debunked any of the actual facts I've laid out, period I'm sorry I went this far before I went back to check for good before I called you out on saying "I brought him up" when I knew I didn't....you shoulda beat me to checking on that And there's the problem to why his can be seen as trying to fit in, when because he didn't touch it until he was a certain place in his career, vs. what Bruno built his career off of before he was even a artist, that was a cute try but you gotta let this attempt go, it'll never be the same when details come into it as it's supposed to. Oh....well I did....you guys are, not only on social media, but in the press, again ALL the press is about either the conversation OR how people accusing him don't know what their talking about, it's not a all out dragging....like other artists have gotten over the same issue.
  4. Im seeing a common thing among the misinformed who use the term appropriation where it doesnt fit. Theyre judging off of the basics, the little they see or know about the artist in question. They don't (/won't) look at the details of the artists entire career and public information about their lives to judge of the title fits or not. But thats too much work, people would rather be wrong & stay wrong than work for being right it seems.
  5. You said all that not to disprove anything?...thats the worst Trumpism of all getting presented with facts and saying "I disagree". The 1st fact has already been explained in detail (details matter) why that seperates them. And your 2nd is another fail, Bruno, by crafting his name in R&B & HipHop even before his debut, hell before that I didnt even bring up his dad was in a black band (so again its way more than "some of my favorite artists), thus its overwhelmingly apart of his life and legacy and its easy to check....Justins a dabbler, not the same at all...no matter how hard you try. FACT: Justin didnt produce shit for other artists until after he was well established as a artist. A Your words about my sources would be so much more credible if you posted articles saying the contrary to what Im saying, that your opinion is the minority in the discussion....do any...like nobody who agrees with the wrong side has any credited sources on their side from any sites
  6. you ABSOLUTELY cannot be serious, that doesn't make any sense saying it's the same. A unknown Bruno Mars in credits for R&B & HIp hop hits before he was a solo artist is most definitely not the same as Justin in credits after he left his wildly popular pop group to have a pop solo career....yea.....that's so....similar Bruno came in the game a respected R&B & Hip Hop songmaker behind the scenes before the GP had any idea who he was or what he had accomplished. Justin came in pop as fuck, and then on his pop groups 3rd pop album dropped a R&B song (that was the 2nd single) ....thats the same? Well that sentence doesn't make sense, but what does is that I do have a point because Bruno was making Urban music before his debut album for other artists for years and Justin hadn't which is why it's not appropriation for Bruno It absolutely does, they were a pop group that dabbled (just like he's a pop artist that dabbled) after their 1st album, big difference, they didn't break onto the scene that way, Whataboutism....is literally all you & Joe have been doing in this conversation "what about J.Lo, what about them, what about Justin" please. I'm keeping it on track and on facts about Bruno. Um duh, it exists, not all artists are the same and have the same backgrounds and beginnings, it's baffling to me that you're trying to argue that he & Justin do when the differences are huge. Give it up, this connection you're trying to force between Justin & Bruno literally nobody sees, the reason, is because even if Bruno was white it still wouldn't be the same if he was white and had the same background and journey, which is being a successful producer of hip hop & R&B music before he even dropped his 1st single......that's where him being genuine with his passion for this music comes from, that's why it's more believable, and authentic then leaving it simply with "oh I loved listening to R&B artists as a kid", that's Justin, Bruno was making R&B music and getting hits and money with it before his voice appeared on a track....if that's the same to you as "I grew up listening".......then you're content with being wrong The problem with your analysis of the situation and why it won't affect him is the conversation....is mostly about the conversation and how many don't even understand what they're talking in the name of appropriation, it'd be a different thing if it was a overwhelming "oh....that's true", the way it was for Justin, but no the fact is the conversation is heavily about it not fitting him and most people defending that it doesn't fit him. Nearly every single publication that's run with this story is opinionated, and those that aren't are just posting about the conversation, and again the vast majority is pointing out how wrong the side calling him out is and how they don't know what they're talking about.
  7. What if Janet made an album full of ballads?

    Id be for it especially if she were willing to experiment with her voice and different types of ballads, I wouldnt want a album where everything sounds the same, and that goes for a dance or mid-tempo album too, mix it up
  8. ..........yall do know ignoring facts dont make them disappear or wrong right All the press this is getting isnt dragging him, its dragging all yall who dont know what appropriation is No, Bruno Mars Is Not Guilty of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ https://www.thedailybeast.com/no-bruno-mars-is-not-guilty-of-cultural-appropriation https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/the-bruno-mars-controversy-proves-people-don-t-understa-1823709412
  9. So you're saying Justin produced for Bey & Rih before he debut'd in 97.....because thats the ONLY way that would be relateable....to the point that Bruno got his start as a R&B & Hip hop producer & songwriter before anyone knew who he was as a artist.... Um....his group didnt get into R&B until their 2nd album....they spent the entire 90s being pop (and only pop) as fuck. You want to bring up other artists in a attempt to change the subject which is a admission of defeat? Sure, lets discuss Um...if the debate was overwhelmingly against him youd have a point but the fact that the majority in the debate are calling out how people acusing him are wrong, theres no real harm that thats being discussed, it's not like when Justin went all "ALM"...or "man of the weak"...or doing the lamest superbowl ever....its not that, hell its not even a threat to his success...the shows are selling, the songs are still on the charts
  10. I really do like that majority seems to be on the right side, The Root slayed in explaining why people sound nuts right now trying to call him out. https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/the-bruno-mars-controversy-proves-people-don-t-understa-1823709412
  11. That doesnt make sense tho, if this is the kind of music ultimately hes been making as a writer & producer since before his debut lead single that means this is who hes always been, his discography as a whole has more R&B hip hop & funk than it does pop. Thats why anyone arguing hes appropriating is wrong. Game.....they dont remotely compare. Bruno doesn't just give credit, and he wasnt just raised on it, he made a name for himself as a producer & writer in Urban genres before becoming a pop star. The same cant be said for Justin, Justin came out pop AF, THEN Down the line started dipping in R&B. So this is talented Bruno apples and untalented Justin oranges.
  12. These celebs are schoolin fools. http://cnn.it/2GkBioE
  13. Again it's a very ignorant & uninformed opinion to make about him and Latino artists that cross over into hip hop & R&B. The ignorance over "he won the Grammy's he did making that music cause he's not black" would make sense if there were tons of mainstream black artists making similar albums, selling the same or more and having the same kinds of hits or impacts with them. It's not happening right now, period. R&B artists today are busy making EDM mumble rap with the same beats, busy with trying to sound "Current". Bruno made the best R&B album I've heard in years, he wrote them songs, composed them, played most of the instruments & properly credits every artist, producer & musician that inspired everything he does, and he's been that way from jump. AND AGAIN.....as I said months ago.....Hip Hop culture has Latin roots to it too, it's not a black thing and anyone who thinks it is is uninformed and doesn't know the history, and need to look up the stories of hip hop pioneers Problem with your theory Joe, why it doesn't add up, he started in this industry as a producer and songwriter....MOSTLY for R&B & Hip hop artists.....his 1st 2 features, that were on hip hop artists songs....In all his interviews throughout his career, he's been referencing R&B & Hip Hop artists since the beginning, same with his swag and style, it's all in the interviews, he's exactly the same and anyone who pays attention will say it, he was like this before.
  14. Broken Hearts....that's been here too long
  15. http://www.janetjackson.com
  16. True, I'd actually argue this album got it right in terms of most of the dance numbers, the only slow jam it got right was Can't Be Good, but the majority of the dance tracks were on point and memorable
  17. Yea no, it fit the time it was released in perfectly and is perfectly comparable to her peers and lessors that released. But the article lost me at it being "deep"... ... anyway I even though its her bottom of the barrel I like that their respecting the Queen
  18. Yea dont mistake my votes, I actually use this album as a whole more than any in the 2000's, but this is songs I play the least or am more likely to skip
  19. Yea.......that.............girl..........The way I laughed my ass off when I 1st saw that, it's a SHARP 2nd place to the funniest bad National Anthem EVER (which will/should always be held by Carl Lewis), I mean how bad & off she sounded is funny alone, BUT the way she was feelin herself through every flat note & failed attempt...that's the icing, that's what makes it great comedy forever....just like Carl
  20. I don't get how yall are letting Broken Hearts Heal get so far...that should've been the 1st to go...but whatev, to keep it moving... Dream Maker ......bitches
  21. ...................................................Janet low key threw a dash of shade ...........SHE KNOWS with all the talk for MONTHS that people are going to mostly watch in the hopes that she comes up to save it.....we got talk show people and news people as recent as FRIDAY all echoing the same thing that basically she'd be the only reason to watch......to release a statement....in her words, with HER signature....the day before, she just smacked ratings out of his hands, she just OK'd folks who'd only check for him if she was involved TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL, to leave the room, or to watch something else... she could've said this weeks ago to shut people up, she let him get people into the notion of them allegedly being on "good terms" so they can think "theres a chance!" and then she just shut it down completely....the day....before. Shes not letting him benefit from her silence....like I bet she would a...friend. I love her