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  1. Yet he openly addressed many times that we all have to expand more for love and understanding of everyone and each other and wasn't shy about the fact that he had his flaws and he wanted to continue to do better, thus not advocating or justifying what happened to him or his views that needed more time and experience to grow. The title alone suggests that he shouldn't be mourned or by these 2 reasons, we should overlook the good influences and examples he was providing in many ways, to focus on 2 tweets (that he since admitted it was the wrong thing to say and the wrong way to make a point) & a documentary that doesn't exist but "coulda" . And that's been unanimously rejected as it should be, people should be celebrating the abundance of good he did, not looking in a microscope for the bad and holding it against him, THAT does nothing and helps nobody. And the "we" isn't about fans, it's about the majority, and most people on this subject are talking about and mourning for all the good he was doing, fan or not, didn't have to be to appreciate and respect what he's spent his career doing, giving chances and opportunity and skills and advocating love, peace, understanding & growth like VERY few others, and it's why he is being mourned and at least by the hip hop community he always will be.
  2. Again, that's you seeing what you want to see. In actuality more people are talking about all the good he was doing for the marginalized like he spent his entire career doing, that's the bulk of what his fans and people who just discovered him are talking about. It's interesting you're choosing to look at specific peoples responses though, but like you admitted "you see what you want" you haven't' seen or heard his words, you saw a handful of people post conspiracies like they do with every celebrity death, and you assumed that that was the bulk of who he was, that's at least what your participation in this thread dictates. That's not looking at the facts, to look at the facts you have to look at the totality of who he was and what he did, not "coulda" done.
  3. You just validated that your opinion on his opinion is irrelevant. And again the wouda-coulda's are conspiracies in themselves cause they arent what is, isn't, did, or didn't, will or won't.
  4. If those 2 were the main things he was pushing in his music, interviews, and advocacy you'd have a point, but since neither were even in the top 5, you have a reach. That's all, they outweigh to you personally (seeing what you want). When what he spent years pushing is for better education & opportunities to the poor and disenfranchised period, and wasn't even JUST about his community, what he was saying and advocating for applies for all who were poor &/or had limited resources. Not half of his interviews in his life were about Dr. Sebi, not 10% of his time was dedicated to homophobia. Thus again TO YOU (and the maybe 15-30 people) overall, it outweighs, but in reality the good seeds that he was planting outweigh that based on FACTS. It's more dangerous to forget or discredit the good he was doing. Coffee.
  5. Odd.....how this thread's very being supports that being a bit more of the case for you tho.
  6. You say that but considering given the media coverage, from what I see on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, it's not enough on your side to make that opinion matter is the point....
  7. Give it up Game, literally nobody agrees with your sentiment, even with the 5% of the overall reaction to his murder that point out his flaws aren't on the page of "he shouldn't be mourned" (from both people who never heard of him until he died and people who had). That's you & you alone. He's being celebrated and the great work he was doing for the poor is being praised and celebrated. You put yourself in a position to take an L on this topic.
  8. Misdirection: A person shouldn't be mourned cause you didn't like 2 things about him when he was exceptional in what he was doing in his community and for the poor compared to most rappers in his age group and most people period in his age group. And you're championing that get ignored, for 2 things that bother you. Misdirection: Nobody's gonna remember him, and nobody remembers most rappers who die? Man, it sure shows that you don't keep up with that genre beyond what crosses over into pop, not to mention there aren't that many rappers post 90s that have died this way OR were this kind of a person so that's a comparison fail for real. You're supporting his ideas about education, entrepreneurship, ending violence among the street gangs and working with police to establish mutual trust and understanding, helping black & poor communities with little resources get an education to advance themselves & their knowledge in the 21st century. I get that his tweets hurt your feelings and made it about you, but it's actually rather disturbing that in retaliation you're hoping he & all that he was about don't get mourned and gets forgotten. I mean it won't, not in the hip hop community especially, but it's just weird that you want it to... Nipsey was a leader for peace, he died too young to get as successful in that leadership as MLK or Gandhi, the point is just because you're a leader of peace does not make you perfect and few leaders have a track record of no views that needed evolving over time. Again, it's good to see the rhetoric of not celebrating the many positive things about his life and his work to focus on his flaws and only his flaws (as if he championed them louder than he did his great causes when in actuality it wasn't even close) isn't the majority or even 50% or even 25% from what I've seen and his coverage. Your opinion is yours to have, but I'm glad most don't share it on this.
  9. Welp good to see we're all on the same page here. Them 2 reasons don't remotely compare to or overwrite the good he's done and that he promoted that are most definitely worth mourning over. Also on the homophobia thing, he cleared it up on The Breakfast club and clarified what he meant, he's never advocated death or conversion to gays so really (ESPECIALLY compared to most rappers) it's not that big of a deal (hell Kevin Hart's tweets were MUCH worse than his), it's something he needed to evolve on more, but for what he's said that shouldn't count against him as a reason not to mourn him or respect him. Hell Gandhi was a racist against blacks, and Martin Luther King was Homophobic & a womanizer, does that mean we should stop celebrating them too, does that overshadow all the good they've done? In reality, most people period have shit about them that needs evolving. Unless we're intentionally using those things to oppress or hurt others, I chop it up to ignorance that can be fixed or worked on.
  10. Us 1st view=B+, 2nd view=A! There was SO much I missed, this movie made all the stuff hidden in Get Out look OBVIOUS lol. The 2nd viewing helped HUGE because you're not caught off guard on much of anything and you're paying closer attention (1st viewing I paid close attention too but didn't know what to expect so being surprised can overtake how closely I'm looking at something). After 1st viewing I said it was good but Get Out was much better, 2nd viewing made me love it as much as Get Out with a possibility of that going up the more I see it.
  11. Feels good to still be in my twenties....
  12. .................................................Rhythm Nation is the best Janet album for any type of motion
  13. And you're way sexier than Elijah was at 30
  14. Janet Bruno Gaga Adele Rihanna (Lion Babe's album came out Friday and it's amazing so she's off the list) Childish Gambino Kendrick OutKast Erykah Badu Jill Scott Sade Anita Baker
  15. It's literally like when she didn't perform at the BET Awards, she's in the middle of preparing for something big so she's getting ready for that, and probably didn't want to plan something else.
  16. *How this list Makes me feel* ...........I don't trust nobody without janet. in the top 5 or RN in the top 3(2).........Or Discipline better than Unbreakable (or anything)
  17. Janelle was the right choice, her words, and that she embodies all that Janet's music is about, I love it.
  18. https://www.instagram.com/stories/rollingstone/ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS LOOK AT HER WALK! YES She walked in the building!
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