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Janet to Headline Global Citizen Festival

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https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/festival/newyork/2018/   September 29th in NYC

Don't let them pls. 

Are you on the spectrum

1 hour ago, LawdToday said:

Janet will probably get what Beyoncé got for her set when she did Global Citizen, which is about an hour

Shame. Stevie got 90 mins when I saw him. I guess ppl wanted to see genius at work. 

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10 hours ago, Mr. Wonder said:

No but @JoeJoe's ass is on my last nerve and he knows what's about to happen. :umm:



He know it don't matter to you and it shouldn't matter to his ass either. He could've just let you respond to our conversation and not worry about it but of course he'd say something to get you to quote him again so I can see it. ?

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1 hour ago, kaeh1213 said:

I looked at the GC site, and they said they're not releasing the order of the concert or set times (https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/festival/newyork/2018/faqs/)

But does anyone have any inside info of around what time Janet will go on next weekend? OMG I CAN'T WAIT

Probably last on the last day 

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so fuck it, let me just be what I'm accused of often but there are so few receipts, let me be messy :shifty:

so someone is purposefully quoting another member who is on ignore just so that member sees the shit? Not because they just quoted that person and really had no fucks to give about anything nor anyone else in the first place?


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16 minutes ago, Game For Now said:


Who would do such a thing

let me quote you just to be a old 50 year old ignant ass bitch :)  Now we just wait. They're gonna come in here and "go off" "internet thug threats will be issued" and someone not even spoken of nor on will come in as a side kick, herezzz a hint if it helpzzzzz :)


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4 hours ago, Game For Now said:

Probably last on the last day 

It's just one day... And it seems like her and The Weeknd kind of have equal billing as headliners, but there's no way they wouldn't have her NOT close the fest. She has to be the main headliner. I wanna make sure to see Janelle and Cardi, but I don't want to hang around Central Park all day mostly waiting for Janet.

I'm mainly just posting cause I'm too excited and it's pretty much all I can think about at this point. Seeing Janet perform live THREE times in less than a year (Brooklyn, Panorama, Global Citizen) is just a damn dream come true.

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