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Britney choreographer blasts fans for complaining about ‘H.I.A.M’ video clip

DJ Y2K Malone™

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No, Rochester...just... no... :sigh:

It was the kiss heard round the world :filenails:


Not only that, but it was the Queen of Pop and the two BIGGEST rival princesses, it was MAJOR that all three of them came together.

Probably the most memorable, but not necessarily the greatest.

fair enough -_-

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All her fans are blaming the editing. I fucking can't, my heart dies.gifdies.gifdies.gif

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:


And TOF the ONLY reason that 2000'VMA Britney performance got so much praise was a combination of her still being the new "It" girl on the block and her being in a fleshtone ass costume.THATS IT! It was unexpected and complete SHOCK VALUE.It had little to do with the performance,itself. It caused an uproar with parents the way Janets SB did (but on a lower scale). The difference is that the media controversy HELPED Britney instead of hurting her like Janets did.

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