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  1. no one shaded you, you interpret things that way, I can't help how you see shit..... I can't instruct you further...and if you act out of line you may have earned any shade you received because you continue to demonstrate you cannot interact with civility
  2. there is no shame present nor implied this is about personal choices and what may function for one may not apply to another. We have several different points of view that at the least makes one think. besides after you've spent enough time fucking your time away, you lose out on how to formulate lasting bonds with other gay men like yourself. Now you can cry shame
  3. I fucked with that, that's about when my love affair died to nothing but her previous albums, I cannot take in new Madonna, as I imagine many folks feel about veteran artists
  4. stop stop!! her voice, that autotune, Madonna "rapping" ever no no she tries too hard, I wonder would it kill her to do an album and just say its "fun"
  5. I dont think she has ever been on American Vogue's cover
  6. if a bitch wanted to be that damn basic hell Im not out for fly bys I want someone down like 4 flat tires, and since Im present someone like me must be too. I think we should all do Hoe-tests, like DNA ...so we can find out just how much hoe is in ya'll
  7. oh I'm all about peeping reactions I pushed up into Ethan so deep he went completely submissive ....that was interesting to see
  8. Guy at work told me he was into that show I’ve seen maybe 2 episodes not bad at all very out of the box
  9. I think its a great look to have so many celebs show out for you
  10. to me a lot of these dudes out here on the shit like it gives them super powers and they taking loads
  11. oh no we get ratings as good lays or bad lays by word of mouth......dudes talk
  12. and that's great to be alive in this time where HIV is treatable. I always think of sex as your rep, boys talk, make sure you rep you well
  13. the part that gets me is you got bitches out here that swear those tracks are the shit 🙄
  14. its tough to see guys who are young that came after the AIDS crisis of the 80s still getting infected, with all we've learned and been through as for sex, top or bottom, one time or not, I want the other to have a good time, Im not a selfish lover
  15. I always tell the story I cried when I first heard the album driving to work and it was an hour commute so I heard quite a bit and I mean tears not of joy Thank God TAT saved that shit
  16. there's a lot of str8up hoe behavior out here, and Im not perfect but damn wasn't the end game getting someone to be around that actually matters it's a ton of BB and its kinda weird to me to see guys in their 20s HIV +
  17. I still can't stand that three track sequence on AFY
  18. that sounds like true love I wouldnt let that go
  19. I dont really care who you fuck as long as you're loving yourself ......doesnt matter to me too many labels to put on people
  20. she also does more in routines than the dancers because she knows the choreo but she does her stuff too, I dont think the AN(DS) comparison works here
  21. see this is why you're a top you dont have a fucking clue
  22. no sir, this is about serving the dick there isnt anything second class nor stupid about it, its about owning that ass, as a top its your job to fill the room with smacking noises tapping it out, a good bottom, aside from being squeaky clean should be making his top cum, he should get off on it
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