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  1. I liked Alyssa Edwards, Alexis Matteo, Ginger Minj, Ivy Winters - I love Jinkx Monsoon in the season I’m currently watching. What about yours? (faves but no winners lol) Bu - No spoilers! Lol. Who do you like? Baga and The Vivienne are my favs out of who’s left. Divina’s ok but her lack of eyebrows frightens me lol. Cheryl Hole is biting Alyssa Edwards’ style too hard.
  2. I’m trying to go in blind but I did get spoiled a couple of times by the internet and also in one season one of the other queens spoils a previous season winner because she was dating her! I’m not watching them in order as some seasons are way better than others. Season 1 is apparently not great, I started on season 3, 7, now 5 and then I’m gonna watch 4.
  3. Do you watch it? I’m a fairly new recruit but I’m obsessed! It’s taking forever to get through as the seasons are so damn LONG but I’m loving them. Seen seasons 3 and 7, now on season 5. Ivyyyyyyy Win-terrrrrrrrrs! FYI - if you can watch BBC iPlayer the UK version is hilarious.
  4. Selz

    Do you still own CDs?

    I love London Boy on Lover! My friends did a karaoke cover of Style and I am now obsessed with the song and more into TayTay, wasn't really interested in her before.
  5. Selz

    Hi. I'm new :)

    Hey! How you doing? 😄
  6. or have you gone completely digital? I’m having to move house again and just had a massive CD purge to cut down on stuff to pack. I still have so many that just hold memories though, like my Janet ones that I bought the day they were released and so on.
  7. Selz

    Name an artist...

    Guess it weren’t possible 😔
  8. Any of y’all watch Mindhunter?
  9. OITNB season 7 - a little disappointing I thought, don’t know about you guys? GLOW season 3 - good but annoying that the writers seemed to ‘forget’ a couple of storylines from early in the season. Stranger Things season 3 - I’m up to episode 6, it’s pretty good but not as good as previous seasons.
  10. And I’m now realising that by ‘spill it ladies” Lenzo meant you guys and not the type with vaginas 😳 I’ll be off now...
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