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  1. Selz

    Name an artist...

    Guess it weren’t possible 😔
  2. Any of y’all watch Mindhunter?
  3. OITNB season 7 - a little disappointing I thought, don’t know about you guys? GLOW season 3 - good but annoying that the writers seemed to ‘forget’ a couple of storylines from early in the season. Stranger Things season 3 - I’m up to episode 6, it’s pretty good but not as good as previous seasons.
  4. And I’m now realising that by ‘spill it ladies” Lenzo meant you guys and not the type with vaginas 😳 I’ll be off now...
  5. I don’t have a whole lot of experience in this area, the last guy I went on a date with was really keen to meet again and then just ghosted me instead. Last Saturday I had a guy in a bar telling me I’m beautiful, he wants to get to know me better, but that he was in the army, has PTSD, lives alone with his assistance dog, doesn’t talk to his parents... all in the space of about 45 minutes. 😳
  6. Selz


    Lizzo pulled a lot of Janet’s crowd at Glasto, her slot was adjacent 😳
  7. I think people didn’t get the outfit because it was 34°C in the UK on Saturday, but also probably didn’t realise Vegas is quite a bit hotter so she’s used to that. Personally I was a little disappointed by the show, I’m not gonna lie, but it did pick up in the second half, Black Cat and Rhythm Nation were brilliant. The camera work was shoddy, camera kept panning round the field during the dance breakdowns! Sorry but you don’t do that shit! Nevertheless I was so proud of her for even playing Glastonbury. Her little cheeky visit to Stonehenge was so cute as well. 😍
  8. I feel that way about Fleabag. Two seasons and out on a high, like Fawlty Towers. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t yet.
  9. I really loved Bodyguard. One of those shows that makes you watch through your fingers at points.
  10. On My Block - really enjoyed season 1, season 2 is great too, once Jamal starts being less irritating. Just started to watch Line of Duty - did you get that in the States?
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