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  1. I’m gonna try one of those repair shops and see if they have any way of salvaging my music, can’t hurt to ask. I’m dying inside 😭😅 so much so that I went right on eBay and bought a 5th gen iPod Touch, hoping I can get Spotify to work on it... though it’s never gonna make up for the size of my Nano...
  2. Anyway that’s just the tip of the iceberg... I’ve lost 1800 songs 😭. I can use Spotify but I loved my Nano as it was tiny, my 8 Plus is massive 😅
  3. I had some great Janet mixes from Effrem Adams on my iPod which I just accidentally put through the washing machine 😭😭😭😭 I’m trying the soaking in a bowl of rice thing but no idea if that actually works. I deleted the songs off my laptop which is shot to bits so I have no other copies. 😓
  4. Hot damn I posted in 2014 and I’m STILL playing Dragon City and SongPop on the daily 😂 I didn’t realise how long it’s been. Also a little addicted to Wordscapes on my iPhone.
  5. From Up On Poppy Hill - incredibly random, and quite strange how incest and bunking off school seemed to be perfectly normal and accepted 😂 Has anyone seen THUG or Widows? I read THUG the book and loved it but wondering why they cast a light skinned girl in the movie, the Star in the book’s parents were both dark skinned. 🤨 I also wanna see Widows.
  6. because he lives for being inflammatory
  7. Selz

    Made For Now Music Video

    Sho is ?
  8. Selz

    Made For Now Music Video

    Eh... so far I don’t like it as much as anything on the Unbreakable album. Fight me. ?
  9. Btw - just wanna add to this that I love y’all - I’ve known you for so many years and friends with you all on Facebook, just sometimes you all act like kids and it drives me nuts, I don’t wanna feel like your mother lol. There’s never been any of you regulars from time that I don’t like so I don’t understand how you don’t get along, you’ve all been here for years!
  10. Message you? Nah. That’s what you should have done with these ones you’re calling out instead of this constant public dragging mess. You’re all calling about how so and so is this old but IMHO you’re all adults and you all should really be learning to leave each other the hell alone - or don’t you have anything else to do? Bored of all of it tbh so yes I locked and moved your thread because frankly there’s more important things in life to be concerned with than words on a board. Janet is doing things, idk why you’re not just talking about that and not each others’ personal lives.
  11. Selz

    Serious topic

    I’m in counselling right now. Life is hard sometimes, I’ve been through a lot of shit and it’s still happening. Sometimes I don’t want to deal with it anymore and I do wonder on occasion if it would be better not to be around. That’s not the same as thinking about doing something. Talking to someone who won’t judge me helps but can also be really awkward. I’m not medicated anymore, I hate the side effects.
  12. Selz

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I love this season of Star and Empire, though Evan Ross scares me ? Did anyone watch This Is Us on Prime? Overall I liked it though the finale was jank <_<
  13. Selz

    The Last Days of Michael Jackson....

    !!! This better come to the UK, I wanna see.
  14. Selz

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I saw one episode of Atlanta and thought eh Have anyone seen Lee Daniels’ show Star? It’s been in the UK a few weeks, I’m really enjoying it. Also Tin Star.