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  1. It has to be about buying the music to experience the VIP section at her show, but maybe now she will meet with the fans as well as show them your costumes and MTV awards.
  2. It feels odd, but I understand. She is focused on the music, and not sitting on talkshows being asked 100 times about her weight, marriage and if she's a Muslim.
  3. Overall a good review, but saying she exposed her breast is rewriting history. I seem to remember a little white boy on stage with her, but I can't remember his name.
  4. LOL, I just mean that with the Black Friday sales, this cd will still be new enough next month for people to pick it up as a gift. Not many other major releases that I can think of planned this year in R&B.
  5. She can also do a big promo push around Christmas this year. I think she'll do well.
  6. This would be great if true.
  7. It's not my favorite, but much better when you hear the full song and cd. Why bring up this negativity?
  8. I miss seeing her with David Letterman. She's also cool with Tyra. Really let's her guard down.
  9. Thanks for keeping up with this. I check it out, but forget to post. old school BUMP
  10. I figured she''d be on the morning shows, and latenight at least a few days this week. It's amazing that people are responding so well with no traditional promo.
  11. Very creative. Makes me want to try this.
  12. This is cool. She and her dancers seem to really be enjoying this tour.
  13. This is really difficult, sort of like listing your favorite kids. :-) It's still fresh, and time really tells, but I'm sure it will be in the top 3-4.
  14. I didn't know Amazon had special additional too. Guess I'll be getting one more tonight.
  15. Only 1 Target in New Orleans area had any left after 7:00 tonight, and I snatched up two. They had 4-5 left after me. I know sales are not the primary factor, but it felt great being in the first Target I went to, and they had the search for a store in the area that was not sold out. The Manager had to tell the Sales Associate "I've been telling people that all day!".
  16. Oh cool. I'm going to write my itunes review. Can you give 6 stars?
  17. Love the whole CD, but the songs I've repeated the most are: 1)Night 2)Broken Hearts Heal 3)2 B Loved 4)Dream Maker/Euphoria I'm mad she didn't do more songs from the CD now. :-)
  18. I was there in person, and the whole arena was rocking! I'm not sure if it was a sellout, but it was damn close to one. For a Wednesday night that is great. Best show ever.
  19. My CD came in the mail yesterday,but I was at the concert and didn't check the mail. I listened to the whole thing this morning, on the way to work, and it will be a classic. I don't write long reviews, but it's the most "Janet" CD of the past 15 years, Old fans will love it, and she will gain many new fans I predict. I'd give it a solid A. The concert was great BTW.
  20. I have listened to it multiple times. Are you going to your music on your phone?
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